The Lego Movie 3D (2014) Movie Review

The Lego Movie 3D (2014) Movie Review
The Lego Movie 3D (2014) Movie Review

The Lego Movie 3D (2014) Movie Review

Released : Feb.7th, 2014

Reviewed : Feb.7th, 2014

Genre : Animation / Comedy

Film Length : 100 Minutes


Review :


With The Lego Movie being one of my most anticipated films of 2014 does it succeed or flop like many other films do? It not only exceeds but it blows up the finish line.

We follow Emmet Brickowoski (Chris Pratt) who is just your average everyday Lego man. Nothing to special or stand out about him but after a late night at work and spotting a unknown person on his construction site he falls into a hole finding a mysterious block that thrusts him into a adventure he would of never imaged. Now he is being mistaken as the Masterbuilder the prophets have spoke of and is now trying to save the world from a evil mastermind. While the story isn’t truly original the way it plays out works better than most animated films (or regular films) could even dream of.

Since the film plays out throughout the Lego World we get a wide view of what the world has to offer. They really took the time to make sure each location is vastly different with a personality of it’s own. The animation is extremely fluid while adding the Lego form you expect to everything. Action scenes are extremely chaotic at times which makes it beautiful. The Lego World is a extremely colorful one as well. Add that with the fact that they have perfected humor and timing for this. Most adults will either be laughing just as much as the kids during this if not more. Between the hidden jokes, references, slapstick comedy, and just all around enjoyable writing no one will get bored. It should also be noted that they 3D in this film is done great as well. They never try to throw cheap gimmicks for it instead making it where the world stand outs more. Other 3D films take note of  how this one does it.

The Lego Movie 3D (2014)
The Lego Movie 3D (2014)

Between the cast of actors and different characters thrown into this movie it is pretty much a gathering of well known people all around. While I won’t spoil the in movie characters since there are quite a ton that aren’t shown in previews just expect some great laughs coming from them as well pure joy seeing well known and beloved characters in the Lego World. Just making a list of actor and actresses in this would turn out to be a who’s who of known comedy figures and while normally one would pick out a few that shined bright there are just too many. No one character falls short in this, everyone is memorable and plays their part great. When you have such names as Jonah Hill, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Alison Brie, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Arnette to name some though you expect no less.

In a time where animated movies come and go this is a standout. It will for sure be within my top favorite films of the year and is easily the best animated film I’ve saw in years. I can’t say enough good things about this. In a film that has everything going for it the best thing to do is find out for yourself. Even if you had no interest in this or thought it looks bad, I say watch it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This film has my highest recommendation on it.


Score :


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