The Expelled (2010) Movie Review

The Expelled (2010) Movie Review
The Expelled (2010) Movie Review

The Expelled (2010) Movie Review

Released : July 9th, 2013

Reviewed : Feb. 2nd, 2014

Genre : Horror

Film Length : 79 Minutes


Review :


With this film being finished in 2010 but not being released till 2013 made me nervous about the quality and my expectations for a horrible film were met.

The story follows a high school teacher who after being assaulted by a student for giving him a “F” and being suspended from his job returns to his job a completely different person. During his time off he apparently gains a drinking problem, gets a divorce, and falls apart from his daughter (who is also a student of his). Upon returning he sees how different things are from not only how he is himself but to how everyone else treats him. After giving his daughter detention though that night the school is over run but hooded misfits whose only plan seems to be killing everyone.

Now this is where I start wanted to punch my TV while watching this. Not even touching the angle they have about how failing a kid is wrong or the entire scenario that happens at the beginning with him being assaulted and what follows. The main problem is that these hooded figures who seem intent on just killing anyone that is around have no point. It’s never explained who they are, we never see their face because it’s blacked out in some horrible editing, they never talk, and they show no motive. Plus on top of them they seem to be world class athletics who can jump and climb over and around everything while remaining silent like a ninja. It just makes no sense. Just to top it off the killers don’t even plan much. They cut the phone line but leave all cars intact and leave all doors unlocked. Now while they do kill people we never see a on screen death. There is a little blood here and there but other than that the film is pretty tame.

The Expelled (2010)
The Expelled (2010)

Don’t expect any resolution though in the story as it just ends. It actually ends in the middle of the scene too. Nothing is answered, nothing is gained, it just ends. You can’t even go with good acting in this film. David Schofield and Eliza Bennett have the lead role as the teacher and his daughter who are trapped in this random nightmare. Both overact greatly and bring nothing to the table.

Overall there is nothing good in this. The story makes no sense, the acting is horrid, and we can’t even get any good on screen violence in this. Avoid at all costs.


Score :


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