Cottage Country (2013) Movie Review

Cottage Country (2013) Movie Review
Cottage Country (2013) Movie Review


Cottage Country (2013) Movie Review

Released : Dec. 17th, 2013

Reviewed : Jan.25th, 2013

Genre : Comedy

Film Length : 91 Minutes


Review :


Cottage Country is a film that sometimes has a hard time figuring out what it wants to be.

Cottage Country follows a couple who after trying to get away for a quite weekend to themselves soon have one of their idiotic brother and his girlfriend arrive and refuse to leave. Soon however in a freak accident where one of them accidentally kills his brother their trip turns into a downfall of trying to hide what they’ve done while killing whoever gets close enough to find out. Now that part of the story is fairly straight forward. However soon enough the film starts to branch off and try to become several different genres. It starts with mixing comedy and horror before turning into a serious black comedy at the end. By doing this however it doesn’t work to well because of the pacing from it. Throw that into the last 15 minutes or so of the film where it takes a wild left turn that leaves you wondering what happened. With how fast everything came to a close I started to wonder if they had just ran out of time or money and had to find a way to close the story fast.

Cottage Country (2013)
Cottage Country (2013)

What I feel the film really tries to lead off of are their two main stars. Tyler Labine (who is still trying to ride the success wave of his film “Tuck And Dale Vs Evil”) and Malin Akerman are the main couple for this film. They don’t work together or have much chemistry though. Add that onto the fact that their relationship feels about as fake as can be. Lucy Punch plays the annoying girlfriend who comes along but adds nothing to the film. Her role is just annoying and you can’t wake for her to be finally be taken out.

Overall the film tries to take several film genres into itself but doesn’t do any of them well. While Malin Akerman is beautiful to see there really isn’t much left in the film to go off of. A wild ending won’t leave you satisfied so there isn’t much to recommend here.


Score :



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