Dead In Tombstone (2013) Movie Review

Dead In Tombstone (2013) Movie Review
Dead In Tombstone (2013) Movie Review


Dead In Tombstone (2013) Movie Review
Released : Oct. 22nd, 2013
Reviewed : Dec. 25th, 2013
Genre : Action
Story (from IMDB) : A gang overruns a small mining town murdering their own leader Guerrero (Trejo) in a cold-blooded power grab. Sentenced to eternity in hell he finds himself confronted by Satan himself.

Review :

Danny Trejo movies are always a mixed bag with most of them now just having him do a small role, but in a movie where he is the main attraction set in a western setting does it hit all the marks or fall a few steps short.

We follow a gang out outlaws who after robbing a city decides to stay and claim the city as their own, but not before betraying their leader and killing him in cold blood. Soon after arriving in hell only to be tortured by Satan does the ex gang leader Guerrero make a deal with Satan to return to earth to kill those who betrayed him and bring their souls to hell for damnation forever. It stays on a pretty one track set the entire time never diverging or trying to complicate things. Even side stories are kept to a minimum. Thankfully a film like this doesn’t need anything too deep. It does leave gaps though in the story with the main one being the fact that even after brought back to life on earth Guerrero is not a zombie nor is he undead as he can still die (admittedly several more times throughout the film).

What the film really started to have going for it was the action scenes. Decent shootouts and quite the collateral moments at times but soon I started to notice something that was killing those scenes; the camera angles. Constant cuts and shifts makes it hard to focus on one thing sometimes. The set of hell though doesn’t get much better with just a lot of added fire and stone looks making hell seem like a poorly made dungeon of sorts.

Cast wise the film does little to add positives in. As always Danny Trejo does a good job playing the tough and mean looking guy who gets to kill most things that stand in his way. Mickey Rourke as Satan adds nothing but another known name into the mix and Rourke makes it almost known how he seems to want nothing to do with this including his horrible sounding voice.

Overall what could of been a decent movie turns out to fall short some based off a paper thin story with holes, bad camera cuts, and a faceless supporting cast. If you are in the mood for something where you don’t want to think or are just a avid Trejo fan then I can suggest this.


Score :




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