Serious Sam Double D XXL Game Review

Serious Sam Double D XXL Game Review
Serious Sam Double D XXL Game Review

Serious Sam Double D XXL Game Review

Released : Feb. 20th, 2013

Reviewed : Nov. 12th, 2013

Systems Released On : PC, Xbox 360 Arcade

System Review On : Xbox 360

Developer : Mommy’s Best Games

Publisher : Devolver Digital



Review :


Serious Sam the over the top first person shooter was made into a old school side scrolling shooter with a few new ideas thrown in. Sadly it doesn’t hit the same mark as the FPS games of the series do though.

Don’t really look for a story because it is pretty nonexistent. Cut scenes are short usually just to show the level up ahead with the enemies you must kill. Though if you are playing this you aren’t really looking for a story, you just want stuff to kill. Graphically however the game is rather simplistic (which overall applies to more than just the looks). Some areas are colorful along with certain enemies types but most backgrounds just aren’t too over the top. Sound wise the gun and enemy sounds are taken straight from other Serious Sam games. No problems there.

The game play though is your average side scrolling shooter / platformer with a few twists. One of those being the ability to gunstack. Now what gunstacking is that throughout the levels you will find connectors that let you build 6 guns into one mega gun. Sounds cool and it does work till you soon find out once you acquire the bigger more explosive weapons that once you build one that has firepower and one that has explosives that you really no longer need anything else. Its cool at first but quickly just becomes something you no longer think about. Their other idea is the jump pad which can be thrown nonstop and will create a small trampoline of sorts to use. It can be used in combat to throw you or the enemies upwards but is mainly used for the platforming sections.

There are a few flaws in the game however. You can easily beat the game in a few hours taking your game. Even with the short length I still found myself growing bored towards the end. You are either doing platforming sections and killing creatures of just in a small section killing waves till you can advance. Worst of all though is the game suffers from some horrible frame rate issues sometimes. Often the game couldn’t handle what was happening and would drop the frame rate to where it was almost unplayable. Even when the screen cleared and was less cluttered the game still had a hard time picking itself back up and going back to normal. During those times any mood the game had me in was destroyed.

Overall if you can pick it up for cheap (I paid $2.49 on a XBLA sale) then I’d say do it. Even with the flaws you will still have some fun with it. For $10 though there are so many others games like it that do it so much better.


Score :



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