Diablo 3 (Xbox 360) Game Review

Diablo 3 (Xbox 360) Game Review
Diablo 3 (Xbox 360) Game Review

Diablo 3 (Xbox 360) Game Review

Released : Sept 3rd, 2013

Reviewed : Oct. 19th, 2013

Developer : Blizzard Entertainment

Publisher : Blizzard Entertainment


Review :


When it was finally announced that Diablo 3 would receive a console port with added patches and fixed problems every ones main though was if it would be any good. Thankfully Blizzard proved everyone wrong and made a great game.


As for the story you don’t really need to pay much attention to it. The main story is easily followable even if you skip all cut scenes and dialog. Side quests carry their own stories which are more entertaining to follow than the main story. Now there isn’t anything wrong with the main story but you always know who the bad guy is and what will happen. The voice acting though during all scenes is done greatly. Really though in Diablo you aren’t playing for the story you are playing for the game play.

Game play wise Diablo 3 translates to a perfection. One major concern when this game was announced as being made for consoles was that the point and click that was ever so famous on the wouldn’t translate well to a controller. Thankfully everything was done with ease. Both joysticks control your movement while every face button and shoulder button control each mapped attack and spell. Controlling your character and pulling off spells and moves is done with great ease.

I did find most of the game however to be rather linear, with the exception of random caves , some of which went from one room to several levels of dungeon, were linear. More often than not you are thrown into a larger area where when exploring the map would reveal itself. You are able to veer off and find other spots though but most would lead to dead ends. There was only one way to leave more often than not so eventually you will always find your way.

You can level up your character though by killing enemies and completing quests. When leveling up though however instead of adding points to certain stats you instead gain different attacks and power for each button. Within each attack and power you also have a special ability that is added onto each. From leveling up you also gain three passive abilities to apply towards your character. I did find myself using the same few moves though the majority of the game though. Once you find a power that fits your play style though trying other ones don’t feel too well, It does give you enough choices to mix and match until you find something that suits you and trying each power to see the affects is interesting to watch.

Graphically the game is a mixed bag. Some cutscenes look good with some great character detail while the backgrounds for most of the game is rather bland with mostly dark colors detailing them. However even with your character not looking great the enemies do look very nice and extremely detailed for the most part. I was shocked to see later in the game that there were times were at least 50 characters were on screen at once fighting and not a single frame rate issue occurred. Sound wise nothing is impressive enough to boast about. The sound effects and voice overs do their job without really ever standing out.

Diablo 3 is proof that if given care and time a console port doesn’t always have to turn into something bad or unplayable. My first play through of the game clocked in at about 40 hours taking my time and exploring the worlds so you’ll get a long play out of the game for sure. Boasting great gameplay, impressive graphics, while keeping true to the RPG dungeon loot fest that Diablo was always known for. This is a must play.

Score :



Press Copy Provided By Blizzard Entertainment

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