Runner Runner (2013) Movie Review

Runner Runner (2013) Movie Review
Runner Runner (2013) Movie Review


Runner Runner (2013) Movie Review

Released : Oct. 4th, 2013
Reviewed : Oct. 15th, 2013
Genre : Thriller / Drama
Story (from IMDB) : When a poor college student who cracks an online poker game goes bust, he arranges a face-to-face with the man he thinks cheated him, a sly offshore entrepreneur.

Review :

Runner Runner falls under the category of 2013 movies that won’t do that well at the box office because of other movies but by no means is a bad movie.

We follow Richie Furst who is a college student with loans he can’t pay. With the dean of admissions on his back for being the equivalent of a bookie on campus he needs to find a way to pay his loan without being kicked out of his university. He ends up in a online gambling game that he works for and ends up loosing every dollar he has left. No later though does he realize that he was cheated out of his money and soon embarks to another country to try and find Ivan Block who is the owner of the online gambling company. Soon enough after bringing attention to the fact that he was cheated he is offered a job that turns out to be too good to be true. With the FBI on his case Richie starts trying to figure out what to do in a dangerous and life altering situation.

The main gripe with the film is the elements of the story. Richie travels to a foreign country, ends up meeting Ivan Block who is the head honcho and a wanted man in the US, and then gets a job that within months has a six figure salary. Some of the plot twists later on in the film as well are well predicted before they occur and are not anything new for a film like this.

However Justin Timberlake does a good job as Richie Furst. I do have a hard time picturing him as a college student. He does a good job however of playing a guy who has all these new opportunities presented for him and doesn’t always know what to do. Personally though I thought Ben Affleck was great as Ivan Block. He got to show a evil uncaring guy while also showing someone that is a mastermind at what he does (until the end where they completely ruin that). \\\\ plays the FBI guy who is chasing after Ivan Block. It ended up being a extremely generic role where the bad cop / foreign country act was nothing impressive and it ended up leaving some major character points left in the film.

Overall while having some predictable story arches the film itself is good. A somewhat intriguing main story, good characters and acting, along with the fact that the film has as good pacing makes it worth a watch. This is one you should check out for sure when it hits DVD.

Score :




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