Guacamelee! Gold Edition PC Game Review

Guacamelee! Gold Edition PC Game Review
Guacamelee! Gold Edition PC Game Review

Guacamelee! Gold Edition PC Game Review

Released : Aug. 8th, 2013

Reviewed : Oct. 9th, 2013

Genre : 2D Beat Em Up

Publisher : Drinkbox Studios

Developer : Drinkbox Studios


Review :


Guacamelee! Gold Edition which was originally put out on the PS3 Digital store and PlayStation Vita has now been made available on the Steam store with more levels and Steam Workshop functionality. What you get overall though is a great 2D Beat Em Up though with very few flaws.

The story follows Juan, a simple farmer, who while trying to rescue El Presidente’s daughter from Carlos Calaca who is the ruler of the dead world is killed. That’s right , the main character and protagonist is killed in the opening of the game. However Juan is brought back from the dead by the magic of a mask and turned into a all so powerful luchador. Juan then sets out on a adventure to find El Presidente’s daughter. That is a simple form of the story without spoiling some of the excitement. During the story however it displays it’s fantastic sense of humor. Throwing references to everything from Mario to Wreck It Ralph. You get to know a handful of fun character with the most memorable one being the old man who owns the Choozo statues that Juan finds.


Guacamelee! Gold Edition
Guacamelee! Gold Edition


As you can see the game is beautiful looking. The environments are very brightly colored and lush looking. It boats a very well done art style that looks good in zoomed out scenes as well as close up. The character and enemy types are extremely detailed as well. The music is impressive as well with the mariachi music not only fitting in well but also being quite catchy.

Off to game play we have a very well rounded beat em up / platformer at times. As you progress through the game you will get new masks which will unlock new moves and powers for you. Those moves will help destroy blocks you will come across that can only be destroyed by that move. That color scheme also later applies to enemies with shields. You will also be introduced to a light and dark world with puzzles and platformer sections playing heavily on switching between the two. It can get very difficult however thankfully the game balances it all fairly well. While it is hard the game never manages to get to the point where it is too hard to pass.

Thankfully the controls once learned are pretty tight. The game as well supports control functionality. With good controls the platforming thankfully does well. With leveled up powers you will find yourself doing moves along the lines of a double jump into a wall grab into a uppercut just to reach a platform you need. If you do mess up however and fall to your death the game graciously just warps you back up to the ledge never making you have to redo sections just to fail again.

By defeating enemies and passing areas into the game you gain coins which can be used to level up your character and buy new moves. The stations to upgrade yourself come rather often since they also serve as save points as well.

Boasting very few flaws one of my main gripes with the game is it’s length. The game is rather short lasting only a few hours. Coming in with a $15 price tag the game though is a good deal and provides a lot of fun for it’s cost. I also found at first the combat to be somewhat repetitive though once gaining new powers it freshened up.

Overall Guacamelee! is a great game. Featuring a entertaining story, fantastic graphics, and some great yet hard action and platforming you will have fun through the short journey. It’s well worth checking out.


Score :




Review Copy Provided By Drinkbox Studios

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