Stitches (2013) Movie Review

Stitches (2013) Movie Review
Stitches (2013) Movie Review


Stitches (2013) Movie Review

Released : April 2nd, 2013

Reviewed : Sept. 7th, 2013

Genre : Horror

Story : A clown comes back from the dead to haunt those who took his life during a fatal party mishap.


Review :


Clowns are something that are often used in horror movies but usually don’t work too well. Thankfully Stitches came along and made a decent horror movie that works with the clown aspect.

Stitches follows a clown who when doing a birthday party with kids whose main intention is nothing more but to mess with the clown. Suddenly a freak accident happens and Stitches dies in the kitchen in front of all the children. After a cult of clowns form in a clown crypt of sorts bring him back using a old clown tradition of sacred eggs (yes, eggs), Stitches returns years later when all the children are in high school for revenge. That revenge also just happens to fall ten years later on one of the kids birthday,

What makes this film more enjoyable though is that Stitches is the clown no one would ever hire. He was late to the party, extremely foul mouthed, and just has zero interest in being a child’s entertainer. He is genuinely funny during all his scenes and has some great one liners and conversations with his victims. Ross Noble who plays Stitches did a great job bringing him out as his own character with a personality. Also even if Stitches is killing kid by kid during a high school party that is happening he doesn’t ever kill anyone that wasn’t involved in his death (minus a cat who get’s a very extreme death). It doesn’t take the route of most slasher serial killer films where everyone must die, in this one he is on a hunt for certain people and only those people die.

Never though does the movie go for a real scare. Instead what we get is over the top buckets of blood. The kills are really good and fresh for the film. They aren’t a lot of same stuff that is done over and over. What makes the kills so much more enjoyable though is the fact that not a single character other than Stitches in the film is likeable. Each and everyone of the kids are some of the most unlikeable people you could meet. It’s a film where you look forward to watching people die.

Overall you’ll get a enjoyable and very gory slasher film from this. With a character that takes cues from such other horror icons like Freddy you’ll be laughing along the way. Worth a watch for sure.


Score :







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