2 Guns (2013) Movie Review

2 Guns (2013) Movie Review
2 Guns (2013) Movie Review

2 Guns (2013) Movie Review

Released : Aug. 2nd, 2013

Reviewed : Aug. 20th, 2013

Genre : Action

Story (from IMDB) : A DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer find themselves on the run after a botched attempt to infiltrate a drug cartel. While fleeing, they learn the secret of their shaky alliance: Neither knew that the other was an undercover agent.



Review :


A movie with Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington together has to be good to some extent and even with some bigger flaws this film still manages to be a entertaining thrill ride of a action movie.

Just to kick it off with the big negative of the movie though is the story. Now while it never gets out of control or overly complicated often times I did feel like they tried to stuff too many characters and side arches overall into it. The previews really do give you a full rundown of the story. Two law officers who don’t know each other are law officers get chased on by the cartel, DEA, Navy, and everyone in between. Throw in some standard story twists and you have it. It at least helps the movie flow and never get to a slow pace.

Good thing though is that the action is usually going on. They are the usual chases, gun fights, fist fights but the cast and writing help push it to being memorable. Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington work great together and have amazing on screen chemistry. Wahlberg has some great comedic moments which play well off of Washington’s somewhat slick planned man. Edward James Olmos was pretty good as Papa Greco. Other than that the rest of the cast doesn’t make a lasting impression. Also Wahlberg and Washington are on screen at least 90% of the movie so they are really the only ones people are paying attention to.

2 Guns won’t break any records but what it will does is make a fun action movie that requires little thinking but with two actors pulling all the strings in the right places makes it fun and memorable at the same time.


Score :




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