Turbo Super Stunt Squad Xbox 360 Quick Game Review

Turbo Super Stunt Squad Xbox 360 Quick Game Review
Turbo Super Stunt Squad Xbox 360 Quick Game Review

Turbo Super Stunt Squad Xbox 360 Quick Game Review

Released : July 16th, 2013

Reviewed : Aug.7th, 2013

Genre : Sports Game

Publisher : D3


Review :


So I decided to do a Quick Review for this game where I don’t have to write a long in depth review for a horrible game.

So for anyone that doesn’t know Turbo the game is based off the movie of the same name. Only the movie has a snail who gains speed powers and races. That being said you would think the game would be a racer, especially since it promises racing on the back of the cover. Instead we get a horrible clone of the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater game.

You pick your character from the start and go into your first unlocked area where you get your objectives. Your objectives can range from collecting the letters to spell TURBO (just like THPS spelled SKATE), collecting all items, racing through checkpoints, getting to a certain score, and doing a certain combo without breaking. Don’t worry though because each level usually has at least 100 objectives with one level having around 300 objectives to do. They really don’t vary too much though either.

The killer part though is the controller. There aren’t any insane combos to pull off and you won’t find yourself riding up a ramp and doing anymore than two tricks in the air because you usually never go fast enough to go that high. Add in the fact that the snail is so badly shaped and confusing to try and maneuver that you’ll often land backwards or just fail and reset. Doing wheelies and such are the only way to help build your combo so quickly the entire stunt portion loses a lot of its meaning. It wasn’t for your character being so hard to control around it would have been a lot easier.

Environment wise the areas are pretty generic and consist of Dos Bros Tacos, Dos Bros Patio, Paz’s Autobody, Valley Hobby, Rooftop Garden and a nail salon. Most areas however are smaller and feel very cramped. There are often too many objects and objectives shoved close where you are constantly hitting or dropping into something. You can also unlock all levels without a few hours so there isn’t much reason to replay levels other than to complete the hundreds of objectives.

Overall it makes little to no sense on why they created a Tony Hawk clone with this instead of making it a racer like the movie is about. Being plagued with bad controls, bland graphics, and just uninspired game play there isn’t much reason to check this out even for a rental.


Score :


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