Justice League Heroes (2006) PS2 Game Review

Justice League Heroes (2006) PS2 Game Review
Justice League Heroes (2006) PS2 Game Review

Justice League Heroes (2006) PS2 Game Review

Released : Oct. 17th , 2006

Reviewed : July 10th, 2013

Genre : Action / RPG

Publisher : Warner Brothers

Developers : Snowblind


Review :


I finally got around to not only making a review section for PlayStation 2 games but also around to finally playing Justice League Heroes even after all the bad things I’ve heard about it.

The story falls about as generic as it comes for the most part. A meteor strikes down and just like in the comics you know something bad will happen. Brainiac then appears and you spend the majority of the game chasing after him.

Going along the line of the X-Men Legends game Justice League Heroes falls into the beat em up / RPG style game play. Game play though is where the game takes a huge dive it can’t recover from. You have a light attack and a heavy attack along with a few powers. Each character punches the same way and most have similar powers with the only difference being how they look. They either fly or shoot something and a few times fly and shoot. You enemies are the same way. They either punch, fly, or shoot fire sometimes with a combo of both. Between levels they only change by looking slightly different. There is a XP system as well where you can upgrade your powers and stats but since you change characters every now and then it doesn’t seem to make a huge effect on game play.

Location wise expect a lot of grey. You will go from streets, to rooftops, then to corridors and small rooms nothing feels new or original while playing.

It was a good idea to try and emulate X-Men Legends with the DC Universe characters but after bombing every category in the game it just doesn’t stand a chance. Even with a generic story and bland environments the game play ruins it. Not even halfway through you will have experienced everything there is and after that you won’t really want to continue. It’s a pass for sure. Stick to the X-Men Legends series since they did it all better.


Score :




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