Holliston Season 1 Episodes 1 And 2 (2012) TV Show Review

Holliston Season 1 Episodes 1 And 2 (2012) TV Show Review
Holliston Season 1 Episodes 1 And 2 (2012) TV Show Review

Holliston Season 1 Episodes 1 And 2 (2012) TV Show Review

Released : Episode 1 :April 3rd, 2012

Episode 2 : April 10th, 2012

Reviewed : June 9th, 2013

Genre : Comedy


Review :


After hearing about it quite a lot I finally was able to get the first two episodes of Fearnet’s Holliston and man do I feel stupid for waiting so long to watch this.

The story follows Adam and Joe who are two aspiring horror filmmakers with their daily lives. You get to see their jobs, their relationships, and their attempts to become something bigger. It is actually based off of Adam Green’s real life growing up in the city of Holliston. Now it may sound like a normal comedy sitcom but it is nothing like it. We do get the weird couple and the main character trying to always win back the girl he lost but nothing is as it seems.

Adam and Joe’s boss at their TV station is playing by none other than Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider. Snider’s character “Lance Rockett” is a 54 year old lead singer of a Van Halen tribute band trying to become huge and still living in the glam age. I don’t think he had to act too far out for the role but he pulls every moment of screen time off perfectly. Adam Green and Joe Lynch work great together on screen and are both really funny for being two guys who are usually behind the camera. For anyone that doesn’t know Adam Green directed Hatchet 1 and 2 while Joe Lynch directed Wrong Turn 2.

During their adventures though you get to watch Adam go after his girl that dumped him and sent his life into a downward depression. Corri English plays Corri who is Adam’s dream girl. Sadly when she does return she brings back her new boyfriend named Kevin who is the opposite of Adam. Kevin is the good looking, successful doctor while Adam is broke and depressed. The addition of Kevin is the only compliment I truly have with the show as I felt the actor didn’t do anything to stand out other than show off why Kevin played a role in the story. During these scenes though we do get to truly meet Joe’s girlfriend Laura who Joe tends to live off of. He uses he car, has her buy drinks and pretty much pay for everything.

The great thing about these actors though is that they all play off of each other great. The chemistry with them all is fantastic. Talking about characters though I can’t forget to mention Adam’s imaginary out of this world friend Oderus Urungus (played by Dave Brockie). Oderus as others will know him though is the lead singer of the heavy metal band “GWAR”. Oderus really lights up the screen each time he is on and leads to memorable lines from him alone. Oderus tends to give Adam the wrong advice and you know when he’s on screen that you will be laughing.

With two stars though who are bigger names in the horror industry you can expect many scenes and references to horror films. Adam tends to have many imaginary thoughts or flashbacks which often get rather bloody. Guest spots are rather common to with one being the always great Bill Mosley (of House Of a 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects fame). During a dream scene we also get to see Victor Crowley who played the villain in Adam Green’s film “Hatchet”.

Overall if the rest of the season is anything like the first two episodes have been I expect greatness to come and I’ll still be kicking myself for waiting so long to see this. It’s a must watch show.


Score :


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