Rise Of The Zombies (2012) Movie Review

Rise Of The Zombies (2012)
Rise Of The Zombies (2012)

Rise Of The Zombies (2012) Movie Review

Released : Oct. 27th, 2012

Reviewed : June 24th, 2013

Genre : Horror

During a zombie apocalypse ,a group of survivors hide on Alcatraz Island to escape from rising zombie hordes.


Review :


Danny Trejo will be in any movie that is put in front of him I believe. Sad part is that he is usually one of the best things about the movie and that’s true for even this one.

I feel like little to no thought or effect was put into the writing for this story. We have the scientist trying to find a cure, the dad watching over his zombiefied daughter, the group who leaves the safe zone to try and find new shelter, the tough guys who savage and fight, and they all have every average cliche nailed. On top of that the dialog wrote for this is horrendous. You can clearly see why it was a made for tv movie. I can’t say I was expecting gold though with a movie made by the fine folks at “The Asylum”.

Thankfully within in the first 20 minutes you do get some quick gore and kills though but it goes downhill after that. It’s main fault is that in no way, shape, or form are you compelled to care about the story or any of the characters. No characters have defining traits that make them stand out above others and I found it hard to often try and figure what each character wanted. It doesn’t help either that people are constantly dropping like flies and no one seems to care for more than 10 seconds afterwards. Other than Danny Trejo as well the acting is horrendous. It’s bad to the point where even after watching it I almost forgot 95% of the characters instantly. That is the result of having paper thin characters.

Overall I could write a book with all the stupid problems and holes this movie has. From the bad story and acting to bad gore and over the top bad moments I can’t recommend anyone suffer through this.


Score :



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