The Package (2013) Movie Review

The Package (2013) Movie Review
The Package (2013) Movie Review

The Package (2013) Movie Review

Released : Feb. 19th, 2013

Reviewed : June 7th, 2013

Genre : Action

Story (from IMDB) : A courier for a local crime lord must deliver a mysterious package while being chased by a horde of unusual gangsters.


Review :


You’d really think that a movie staring Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren would be a good but cheesy action movie, sadly though this falls short on many levels.

The story is a mix of horrible things. We get a mix of a delivery movie, with a crime movie, with a action movie, with a few twists thrown in and it all ends up being just one giant mush of things. Steve Austin plays a courier / bouncer/ tough guy muscle for one mobster and when tasked with delivering a notebook to someone everything starts to fall apart. Steve Austin and his partner are attacked by another group of gangsters after the package. Dolph Lundgren plays another gangster going after the package as well as something else. So in short, lots of gangsters going after a package. Meanwhile during all this they try adding a few twists into this that turn out to just be laughable.

Not a huge surprise though Stone Cold is yet again a pretty bad actor. He is stiff in not only his acting but any action he does just looks bad. There is a reason he is only doing straight to dvd video. Dolph Lundgren however plays a great villian though and has one of the best scenes of the movie where he describes what to put into a smoothie while talking to a man he stabbed. Lundgren’s acting is pretty on par with everything else he has done since his actor is pretty universal for a action movie.

I have to say though that the end twist to this movie kills it. Not only is the revealing of the package just a laugh but the twist they try pushing at the same time really kill the movie.

Overall it’s really hard to recommend this. With a majority of it’s action being mundane and other than the two main characters everyone else being forgettable it’s hard to recommend. There are better movie you can watch starring Lundgren and Steve Austin. It’ll be a wiser choice just to skip this in favor of others.


Score :



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