Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Review

Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Review
Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Review

Jack Reacher (2012) Movie Review

Released : Dec.21st, 2012

Reviewed : May 6th, 2013

Genre : Action / Thriller

Story (from IMDB) :

A homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims.


Review :


Tom Cruise must enjoy making movies that are over 2 hours long since all his movies are long now. Though adding length to a movie isn’t always the best thing.

We end up with a huge story which ends up sizzling down the further the movie goes on. A sniper shoots five random victims, who may not be random, but the shooter is then beaten into a coma and calls out for the mysterious unknown ghost known as Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher then comes in and then it seems without little trouble or delay and gets any info in the case he wants. In the mean people try to kill him or frame him during his attempt at finding the truth. It seems to be a story that really tries to be deep and engrossing yet ends up being borderline bearable

Cruise thankfully brings out his decent action skills for some parts of the movie. The final fight is rather good and throughout he does engage his random chases and shootouts to be expected in a action movie. The problem is the scenes even when good are either expected or drawn out because of the story. There are many parts in the film where it gets drawn out with dialog and the action is almost used as a breaking point. Tom Cruise though does a decent enough role as the main mystery man though you can swap the character out in this movie with the last Mission Impossible and he is still playing the same guy really. It’s almost not even worth nothing any other actors because after watching the movie you’ll forget about them. The second hand cast is just there in the actions pretty much.

They at least set it up where down the line I expect to see many sequels to this and if done better next time it could become a rather good action / thriller series. Unfortunantly this one is just rather average. It’s worth a watch sure, but its nothing anyone will likely go out of their way to see.


Score :



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