WWF Royal Rumble 1999 Wrestling DVD Review

WWF Royal Rumble 1999 Wrestling DVD Review
WWF Royal Rumble 1999 Wrestling DVD Review


WWF Royal Rumble 1999 Wrestling DVD Review

Released : Jan. 24th. 1999

Reviewed : April 3rd, 2013

Genre : Wrestling


Review :


Well on my long trek of wrestling fever lately I decided to re watch some old WWF one’s from my youth. This one turns out just average though with only one memorable match.

The night starts off with The Big Bossman vs. Road Dogg in a non title match. At the time both men held a title but neither were up for grabs in this match. In turn this is the warmup match that does nothing special. The majority of the match is Boss Man on offense with Road Dogg only getting the upper hand a few times to catch his breath. The match is forgettable and is just a mid card match for a normal Raw. Next up was Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock for the Intercontinental title. The story behind this was is that Billy Gunn flashed Shamrocks sister so the entire match is pretty much Shamrock beating on Billy Gunn. It’s another jobber match pretty much with nothing special going on except for the ankle lock at the end of the match.

Next up is a quick match between Gangrel vs. X-Pac and thankfully it is a quick match. It does the same thing most quick matches do. A few big moves, back and forth punches. and both guys get to use their finisher. Best part of the match though is the botched pin where a three count is clear and they just continue because they haven’t done their final movies. It’s over just as quick as it starts though. Luna vs. Sable is next for the Womens belt in a Strap Match. Surprisingly its not a bad match. Luna beats Sable most of it with the ending being not too bad. Luna starts tagging each corner with Sable on her back while Sable also tags the corners, on the last corner a crazed fan (played by Tori) jumps on the apron and takes out Luna costing her the match.

Time for the highlight of night , The Rock Vs Mankind in a I Quit No DQ match. This really is a prime example of the great matches of the era of WWF. This match is all over. It’s a brawl, wrestling, hardcore, and just plain crazy. They fight in the ring, the crowd, the announcers table, the entrance ramp, the seats, and every where in between. One point has Rock throwing Mankind off a high rise onto the electrical board causing a quick power outage. It was a good 10 foot fall. The big memorable moment of the match though is the 10 straight blows Mankind takes to the head from a chair. Rock doesn’t hit soft or anything and just goes hit after hit. It gets to the point where afterwards Mankind is so out of it that they ended up having to play a audio clip over the speakers just to end the match. A great match from start to finish.

The big match of the night is of course the Royal Rumble and it is to put it simply, boring. The big draw for the match is the feud between Stone Cold and Vince McMahon at starting numbers 1 and 2. They fight for a few minutes, both go backstage and do a planned attack on Stone Cold therefore making them both backstage for the majority of the match. Meanwhile it’s just a showcase in the ring with no one staying in too long or doing too much. The worst part is the end against Vince and Austin  where it ends in such a quick uneventful ending.

The PPV ends up having a few generic matches, one great match, and one long overdrawn Royal Rumble.

Score :



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