My Life Outside The Ring – Hulk Hogan (2009) Book Review

My Life Outside The Ring - Hulk Hogan (2009) Book Review
My Life Outside The Ring – Hulk Hogan (2009) Book Review


My Life Outside The Ring – Hulk Hogan (2009) Book Review

Released : Oct. 27th, 2009

Reviewed : March. 31st, 2013

Genre : Nonfiction

Author : Hulk Hogan


Review :


Who would have thought that Hulk Hogan could write a decent book that for at least 75% of it doesn’t involve his wrestling career at all?

What we get here is a true glimpse into Hulk’s life and it’s actually quite dark. Any book that opens talking about how someone almost killed themselves is a instant eye opener and coming from the Hulkamanic you would have never guessed it. He talks about how between his divorce, one kid going to jail, and another not talking to him really caused him to almost talk his life. Thankfully afterwards he backtracks and gives us a quick go through of his life and talks about his brother and all the crazy times he had going through drugs and fights. That part actually makes for a interesting read.

Now he does talk about wrestling and how he broke into it. He talks about the territory’s and how he would sometimes wrestle 4 times a day all in different places. During so he also starts to talk about how he had a drug problem during it all and how steroids use to be such a normal thing. The wrestling section ends up at the time of McMachon’s big trail facing charges and the falling of him and Vince.

A large portion of the book though involves his long time marriage to Linda. He actually is able to make you feel how horrible it was too. From being a fan of his show “Hogan Knows Best” you would have never guessed things were as bad as they were while making the show. He also in great details talks about the car accident and jail time with his son Nick which shows not only how bad the trail was but how Hulk did everything in his power to fix it.

The big downside to this is the portions where Hulk talks about how he great back into faith. It slowed down the book and was way overdrawn I think. If made shorter it would have been fine but it turned into a portion of him explaining the teachings that he follows.

Overall though it’s a good and for the most part easy read that will keep you entertained. Just be prepared for a boring section and other than that it’s a good book about a wrestling talking about his life that isn’t wrestling related.


Score :


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