The Call (2013) Movie Review

The Call (2013) Movie Review
The Call (2013) Movie Review

The Call (2013) Movie Review

Released : March 15th, 2013

Reviewed : March 20th, 2013

Genre : Drama

Story (from IMDB) :

A veteran 911 operator must confront a killer from the past to save a young girl’s life.


Review :


Upon seeing the preview for this film I had quickly forgot about it and marked it off as a small drama pushed by WWE which wouldn’t do much. After hearing good things about it I decided to check it out and I’m happy I did.

The story follows a 911 operator who after making a mistake while handling a kidnapping call where she has a young girl killed by mistake. Soon after she gets put on another call of a girl who is kidnapped and calls from the trunk of the kidnappers car. What follows is a tense drama going between the kidnapper,kidnapped,and the operator. It gets hard to go into too much detail without dropping large spoilers into this story which for the most part plays itself out in large parts.

Thankfully the tension and drama works and it is always pushing itself forward fast enough where it doesn’t drag and slow down at all. The first 3/4ths are great while the last part is still good but starts lacking towards the end. This is another movie that suffers from a bad ending dropping it lower than it should be. It’s not that it’s a bad ending either it just doesn’t fit the rest of the movie or the type of the movie it has played itself out to be.

Halle Berry does a decent amount in her role even with it being a large step down from what she use to do. She shows a good range of emotion and since a lot of the film has her on screen. Abigail Breslin is okay for her role even though towards the last act I really feel like her role as the scared innocent teenager was lost. What she was doing most of the movie is a pretty generic role though but she made it decent. Michael Eklund as the kidnapper though is forgettable. He did nothing that made the role memorable plus the big part towards the end where they tried to give him a motive for his actions was looked upon but never talked about and turned into a lost opportunity pretty quickly.

Overall it’s still a good drama and even with a bad ending still will keep you watching all the way through.


Score :




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