Thor : God Of Thunder #1 (2012) Comic Book Review

Thor : God Of Thunder #1 (2012) Comic Book Review
Thor : God Of Thunder #1 (2012) Comic Book Review


Thor : God Of Thunder #1 (2012) Comic Book Review

Released : Nov. 14th, 2012

Reviewed : March 13th, 2013

Publisher : Marvel


Review :


I was really hoping for a better kickoff to this Thor story but sadly I didn’t get it. What I did is a large buildup that hopefully down the line can deliver.

The story while shifting around time lines follows a call to a god that Thor follows. A planet far away calls to the gods since they hadn’t seen rain in years and Thor follows. He then sees that on that planet not only do they not have any gods but they don’t even believe in gods but only thought they were fairy tales told to children. Eventually Thor finds a crypt where that planets gods would be but they were all killed in slow extreme ways. From there Thor must find out who did it and why. The weird part though is towards the end when Thor is shown in Asgard alone sitting upon a ruined throne. He is at a old age saying that he is the final god. I can only hope down the line they tie all these time lines together because they are making everything too far apart for a first issue.

Also I find Thor to almost be annoying towards the beginning when he is looking upon as a beast killer. All he does is drink and talk about the women he has from slaying the monster and it is nothing like I would portray Thor to be. Sadly though there also is no action really as this issue focuses heavily on story. That was another disappointment.

Overall I can only hope the next issue picks up and starts putting the pieces together because this was a extremely lackluster starter.


Score :




One thought on “Thor : God Of Thunder #1 (2012) Comic Book Review”

  1. i agree with this, I didn’t like how they made Thor look in the first few pages he didn’t seem God-like. Hopefully the follow ups contain more action

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