Snitch (2013) Movie Review

Snitch (2013) Movie Review
Snitch (2013) Movie Review


Snitch (2013) Movie Review

Released : Feb. 22nd, 2013

Review : March 12rd, 2013

Genre : Drama

Story (from IMDB) :

A father goes undercover for the DEA in order to free his son who was imprisoned after being set up in drug deal.


Review :


What could have been a simple action movie instead turned into a rather serious if not sometimes far off drama.

The story follows a father who after his son is charged with a high level drug trafficking offense goes undercover into a drug cartel to help the DEA arrest others in exchange for his son. Throughout it they show the drama that not only the father goes through but the entire family in the time that they son is incarcerated. This was one of the main points the director nailed because while not going into too much depth with each character you can still see the turmoil they are all going through. On points of detail though showing how this one event can impact not only someones ex-wife and family but as well impact the family that has nothing to do with them was a detail that really gave the movie a new light. It also helps that this is based off a true story.

The Rock plays a good role for this and shows off that he can be more than a just a action star. He is able to portray emotions nicely while still fitting the role of the big man when needed. Jon Bernthal also does well as the man that helps The Rock’s character find a cartel to work for. Other than those two sadly the rest of the cast while still being good for the movie are easily forgotten in their roles. What is placed as a action movie though turns out to be a drama so don’t expect a lot of action. There are scenes throughout that feature some action that has a strong build up to it. Most of the action however comes out towards the end in the climax of the film.

Overall it is better than most would expect while still being a lot different than most would expect. It is worth the view.


Score :





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