Deadpool #3 (2012) Comic Book Review

Deadpool #3 (2012) Comic Book Review
Deadpool #3 (2012) Comic Book Review


Deadpool #3 (2012) Comic Book Review

Released : Dec. 5th, 2012

Reviewed : March 13th, 2013

Publisher : Marvel


Review :


Oh this series just continues to get better.

This time in the story we bring in Doctor Strange to help SHIELD and Deadpool find out who brought back the presidents and why they did it. So not only do we get a insight into Doctor Strange but oddly enough he fits in perfect in this story line. He also has a few panels with Deadpool where Doctor Strange’s serious manner along with Deadpool’s humor makes it great. They even go as far as to give a backstory about the character who brings these presidents back to life.

Don’t forget the violence though as this issue continues with plenty of it. Deadpool gets thrown around and crushed like a rag doll along with some presidents being taken down while at it. Nixon comes in this issue as well and makes for a memorable fight against Deadpool.

Overall it’s another great story in this series and I am looking forward to see what they do now that Doctor Strange has entered the series. Also Deadpool cracking jokes and killing people in bloody over the top ways is also a must see.


Score :





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