WWE Old School Raw 3-4-2013 TV Show Review

WWE Old School Raw 3-4-2013 TV Show Review
WWE Old School Raw 3-4-2013 TV Show Review

WWE Old School Raw 3-4-2013 TV Show Review

Aired : 3-4-2013

Reviewed : March 9th, 2013


Review :




Raw for once actually put on a good show for the majority of their 3 hour time block with their new yearly “Old School Raw” special show.

The opener was effective in more ways than one especially with it being a old school episode. Raw opens with The Undertakers music starting and The Undertaker making his Raw return. It was a short segment and was just there to cement his place in this years Wrestlemania and help promote the main event for the night.

Shortly after that the old school style Raw opener starts and gives the total WWF feel to it including old school logos, colors, a retro ring, old school announcer table and Jerry “The King” Lawler in his old school announcer uniform. All of it looks really good and gives the great feel of old school that Raw was trying to push.

Shortly after we hear CM Punk accompanied by Paul Heyman with Punk talking about how he should be defending his belt at Wrestlemania and that the fans are the reason that isn’t happening but now with the Undertaker back he feels like he can be the one to face him and put the undertaker’s streak to a halt since he is the best in the world. Shortly after you have Randy Orton, Big Show, and Sheamus all coming out one after another saying that they should be the one to break the streak. Vikki comes out then saying that the main event tonight will be a Fatal Fourway and the winner will face Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

First match of the evening was Ryback Vs Antonio Cesaro. It was a good starting match that had both guys going back and forth controlling the match for a while. They did take it outside the ring to show the old school barrier’s that were set up. The ending was good with Ryback reversing Cesaro’s finisher into Ryback’s Shellshock.

Mark Henry Vs Zack Ryder was next. This was a pointless time waster. Ryder threw a few punches then Henry did his finisher and match over. I think the main point of the match was to have the stare down between Ryback and Henry after Ryback’s was over.

Dolph Ziggler Vs The Miz was next. Ric Flair was The Miz’s manager for the match was Ziggler had AJ and Big E outside the ring with him. Now I’m not a fan of The Miz at all but this was a great match. Both guys really put a lot into it. Flair at one point tries to chop Big E outside the ring and Miz flies between the ropes to knock Big E down and defend Flair. Ziggler is able to pull off impressive moves as always and Miz surprisingly can work with him well. The match ends with Ziggler trying to roll pin Miz and Miz ends it with Ziggler tapping out to the figure four. Miz still seems to have problems getting the figure four down completely but this is the best one he has done yet. Afterwards Flair comes into the ring and they do the usual Flair antics.

Afterwards it is time for The Rock / Cena promo for the night. Rock comes out and does his usual sayings while still being entertaining and really pushing past the PG rating WWE is shooting for. Sadly though when Cena enters it gets really boring really fast. Cena talks about how he needs to win and how losing ruined his life. Cena took all the momentum and energy Rock gained and threw it away. Cena did have one humerus moment in the form of a funny Mike Tyson quote which right after Cena went back to being serious. Rock countered it great though with a entertaining Lance Armstrong quote. Overall it would have been a lot better if they had tried to not make Cena’s part full of emotion and being nothing but serious.

Jack Swagger vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan is next with Hacksaw being accompanied by Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes. Swagger almost right away grabs Duggan’s 2X4 and hits all three legends with it ending the match in a DQ. While it is cool seeing Duggan, Slaughter, and Rhodes for the short moment the match itself was short and for the most part pointless. Though later when Swagger is doing a promo and being asked while he did that to 3 legends Alberto Del Rio busts in and attacks Swagger.

Hell No vs Prime Time Players was following with the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase outside the ring. Prime Time Players are pretty much the jobbers tag team it is looking like as most the match they only got small moves in while Daniel Byrant went off on them. Then both teams did a hot tag move which ended up with Kane chokeslamming one of them ending the match. A entertaining match overall though.

Brodus andTensai vs Slater and McIntyre came up next and was another opportunity to bring a legend out this time being The Honky Tonk Man. Slater tells Honky Tonk Man he is the only rockstar and to go back to Vegas. The match is over as fast as it starts though with the redeeming factor being that after the match Honky Tonk Man smashes a guitar over Slater’s head.

Kofi Kingston vs Fandango isn’t a match at all. Kofi comes out and when it is time for Fandango to come out to make his Raw debut the announcer doesn’t say Fandango’s name to his liking so after a small segment of everyone saying his name Fandango returns to the back. I feel at this point WWE is trying to really push Fandango except that not only is he not getting any draw from the crowd but they keep pushing his live debut back and back to the point where I feel like he may actually never debut since the fans might get to the point of not caring. It is really too bad too because Kofi in a good match on this Raw would have been great.

HHH then comes to the ring to talk about how Lesner’s attack on Vince really gave him the drive to return. The segment itself is rather bland and boring and it ends with HHH officially challenging Lesner to a match at Wrestlemania.

Alberto Del Rio vs Wade Barrett was the following match and actually another good one. Del Rio since he has became champ has really shown that he is a good diverse wrestler and even with not caring for Barrett’s character too much he can still handle himself in the ring. The match is pretty much back and forth for the duration with Del Rio reversing into his finishing submission and getting Barrett to tap out. During the end of the match Swagger appears on the entrance ramp to watch the match.


By far the biggest crowd reaction of the night was the return of The New Age Outlaws. They came to the ring and did they same skit they have always done which ended in the crowd going insane yelling the trademark “Suck It”. The match itself was The New Age Outlaws Vs Primo And Epico. It was a good match but fairly standard for a tag match. Road Dogg fought for a bit then got beat up by Primo and Epico for the duration of the match. Road Dogg made the hot tag though and Billy Gunn cleaned both wrestlers off being landing his finisher and winning the match.

Next they announce that it is Mae Young’s 90th birthday and they pan up to the entrance ramp with all the WWE stars standing around a cake. Mean Gene then comes out and introduces Mae Young. When they start singing though CM Punk’s music starts and he walks to the ring to start the main event. Short segment but it was good seeing Mae Young and awesome seeing Mean Gene if even for just a second.

CM Punk vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Big Show as the main event for the chance to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania. It was a good match really but never felt too chaotic like a normal 4 way match should. Punk spent a lot the match outside the ring or down on the mat from punch from the Big Show. Most of the match was between Orton, Show, and Sheamus battling one another but never all at the same time. The ending was known all along and followed the tradition of every wrestling hitting their finisher. CM Punk did emerge the victor though which was pretty much a given as he is one of WWE’s biggest stars and not signed to a event at Wrestlemania yet.

Raw that night ended with Undertaking returning and having a stare out against Punk until Raw went off the air. Overall it was a really good Raw and even with a few lackluster matches and some matches that didn’t do anything amazing but were still entertaining it was a success.





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