Deadpool #1 (2012) Comic Book Review

Deadpool #1 (2012) Comic Book Review
Deadpool #1 (2012) Comic Book Review

Deadpool #1 (2012) Comic Book Review

Released : Nov. 7th. 2012

Reviewed : March 8th, 2013

Publisher : Marvel


Review :


This is a prime example of Deadpool at his finest and brightest doing what he does best.

What a story to begin with in this one. In short a large amount of dead presidents are brought back to destroy the world and after Captain America beheads one of them in front of people SHIELD decides that having someone such as Captain America beheading dead presidents in front of people isn’t the right image they need people seeing they decide to have someone else do it. They need someone who isn’t a hero but more of a scum. Deadpool falls into that perfect category of scum enough to do it but still trustworthy enough to let attempt to do it.

Deadpool does everything he should in this book. He is vulgar with nothing but one liners and a lot of puns while killing people in ultimately bloody and violent ways. His humor though is the most enjoyable part though and the team of writers themselves should be applauded for that. They really are able to take a serious tone and throw Deadpool into it almost shift the tone with just Deadpool’s sense of humor. Humor and the fact that one part has Deadpool practically swimming in a pile of blood and guts. It’s not all fun and games though as when you do get to see Deadpool unmasked even in a comedic moment it is still a rather gruesome site.

With this new serious I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the issues and right now strongly recommend this.


Score :


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