Smiley (2012) Movie Review

Smiley (2012) Movie Review
Smiley (2012) Movie Review

Smiley (2012) Movie Review

Released : Oct. 12th, 2012

Reviewed : Feb. 24th, 2013

Genre : Horror

Story (from IMDB) :

After discovering an urban legend of a demented serial killer, who has nothing but a carved ‘smiley’ on his face, a mentally fragile teen must decide whether she is going insane – or will be the next victim.

Review :

I can now see why this movie got a very limited release in theaters and why other than from a friend I had barely heard anything about the movie.

Now I really do have to question what thought was put into the story. Apparently just referencing 4chan and Anonymous will make it relevant and fit into modern culture but yet I still find it hard to believe that people that go by screen names online and even refer to each other by their screen names in real life are all attractive people. Sadly I don’t think that is how it works when you get a room full of strangers and no one is ugly a single bit. To add to all this they just give everyone general internet names and throw words like “troll” into the script thinking that it helps. Sadly it doesn’t at all though. That and the fact that the story is about as generic and predicable as you can be. While you are making a pile of the bad things though just add to that list that this movie doesn’t carry a single likeable character with it.

Let’s remember this is a horror movie so it should be at least attempting to be scary at least or have some good kills and violence in it. Forget that though because all we get is some bad psychological twist and a few poorly attempted jump scenes. This turns into the teen slasher that tried to rebel and not be a slasher but keep the premise and pacing of one. I mean for long periods they expect you to remain intrigued by the story when after about 20 minutes you could care less about it. I mean they could of been like other movies and at least used a urban legend that people had heard of instead of creating one that was not only forgettable, had no story, but also was pointless and decided that playing by whatever rules they wanted is acceptable.

At the end of the day I can’t recommend this to anyone. Only reason I can give it a 2 is because of how much I was laughing from them thinking that all the 4chan references were going to be one of the points that helped the movie become huge.


Score :


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