WWE “The Attitude Era” (2012) Movie Review

WWE “The Attitude Era” (2012) Movie Review

WWE “The Attitude Era” (2012) Movie Review

Released : Nov. 20th. 2012

Reviewed : Dec. 17th, 2012

Genre : Wrestling


Review :


What had the chance to quite possibly be the best WWE DVD ever released was let down on several different levels.

The documentary section of the DVD feels like WWE didn’t put too much effort into it. Many of the best moments and controversies from the era were either talked about very brief not at all. I feel like a lot of what they brought up and talked about either with it being a certain event or a certain wrestler was talked about already in other WWE DVD was made about whatever wrestler they were discussing. Based off how great former documentaries on WWE DVDs were (most noticeably the CM Punk one) it is sad to see that they could have made a 20 hour documentary about this one and included so much. Instead we get one that is just under a hour long.

Even bringing in people to speak on this documentary was poorly done. Most interviews are done by Mick Foley, Mark Henry, and Road Dogg. Foley I can understand and Road Dogg did have some moments with DX and Billy Gun. Mark Henry however is somewhat of a odd choice. I mean some of the stuff Henry talks about including story lines he did that he wasn’t a fan of was entertaining I just felt like they could be focusing on something of greater importance. Mick Foley talking about how he thought a lot of what was done was pushing the line though was annoying to hear as he was involved in some of the most violent matches of that era.

The matches themselves are a mixed bag. Some of enjoyable but the majority again is a let down. They focused on random matches with people they talked about and let out many of the huge iconic matches.

If you watched this era as it happened you’ll find some good parts in this and enjoy it. Otherwise it’s a skip. I for one though loved the era but just wished they could have made the DVD more of what it should of been and taken their time with it.


Score :



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