Side Sho (2007) Movie Review

Side Show (2007) Movie Review
Side Sho (2007) Movie Review


Side Sho (2007) Movie Review

Released : Aug. 1st, 2007

Reviewed : Dec. 13th, 2012

Genre : Horror

Story (from IMDB) :

A suburban family traveling the backroads of the southeast in search of historic roadside attractions finds more than they bargained for when they happen upon a rustic sideshow museum that houses a dark secret.


Review :


First off yes this movie really is named “Side Sho”. Not “Side Show” like would make sense but instead it’s spelled “Sho”. That really is the least of this movie’s problems though.

We have a extremely generic story of a family who takes a side road and discovers a freak show museum which is then inhabited by the freaks that own it. The rest then goes into the average slasher film with not a single new idea being presented. Instead we get a extremely generic family facing off against a mix between what I think are characters from House Of 1000 Corpses and 2001 Maniacs. Every character is forgettable with the only standout role being played by “J.D. Hart” who has the role of the dad. The only thing that really makes him stand out is the fact that he kinda looks like David Hasselhoff and Bruce Campbell.

There are moments in the movie though that are just gut wrenching. The worst being the scene where the young son Cory has his everyone must be friends moment with the deformed child. Not only is the scene just horrible and kills any pace that movie was trying to set up but the childs makeup is horrible to the point of not only is it see through but it’s also falling off. Really though all the special effects in this movie though look like they were done by the actors themselves.

Really the only thing that saves this movie from getting a 0/10 is the gore. Are the effects and gore horribly done? Yes, but there are some saving points from the kills. Either just by how someone dies or just because the bad effects mixed with the horrible over the top acting sometimes is amusing for the wrong reasons.

This movie should of never been made and I can see why 1 other person who has seen it on “Letterboxd” and only 142 people on”IMDB”. It should remain in the dark so no one has to see it.


Score :


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