The AP Tour — Chicago, IL — November 17th, 2012


The AP Tour -- Chicago, IL -- November 17th, 2012
The AP Tour — Chicago, IL — November 17th, 2012

Well because of work I unfortunantly missed Glass Cloud who I was really hoping to see since they put out a amazing debut album this year. I walked in right before they finished their last song which is my favorite off the album named “If He Dies, He Dies”. Glass Cloud had the crowd going insane. Huge pits were formed and people were endlessly crowd surfing. About halfway through the song the lead singer climbed a stack of amps and ended up front flipping off them into the crowd. This guy didn’t jump out into the crowd but instead jumping up and forward. I’d say he jumped a good ten feet into the crowd. It was a crazy jump. He then sang while crowdsurfing got back onstage and ran and flipped off a amp on the other side of the stage. Meanwhile Travis (from Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza) is on stage just destroying it and spinning around. The one song I saw from them was insane and I can’t wait to see them in Jan.

Glass Cloud Set :

Ivy & Wine
White Flag
Counting Sheep
She Is Well And Nothing Can Be Ill
If He Dies, He Dies

Next up was The Amity Affliction. They were insanely generic. Your typical breakdown core with way too much clean singing. Didn’t help that the clean vocals were terrible sounding. Every song blended together and the pit was filled with what I’d assume were kids trying to hardcore dance, either that or they were all having seizures. It was funny though because after every song they lead singer would give a speech about how grateful he was people were dancing, and how they were happy to be here, and how they were happy to play. It was nice the first time but he did this between every song.

The Amity Affliction Set :

Chasing Ghosts
R.I.P. Bon
I Hate Hartley
Fire or Knife
Open Letter

Like Moths To Flames were next and man did they surprise me. They did have a somewhat generic sound to them but what made me enjoy them was their energy. The crowd was crazy for them too. Their frontman was constantly running around and sounded great too. He looked like if Corey Taylor and the lead singer of The Used had a kid too I think. Their bassist was the best in the band though. Think of Carlton from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air but taller, skinner, and with a huge mustache. He was constantly running around stage, jumping, dancing, leaning off the front of stage and everything. His singing was great too. Can’t wait to see them again in Jan. with Glass Cloud.

Like Moths To Flames Set :

The Worst In Me
Something to Live For
Learn Your Place
Faithless Living
Your Existence
You Won’t Be Missed

Finally the band I think 75% of the people there wanted to see were about to start, that band being The Ghost Inside. You could tell the band was going to have a insane pit because out of no where a large amount of people in Terror, Harm’s Way, Backtrack, Trapped Under Ice, War Hound and other hardcore shirts came into the pit. The curtains on the stage opened and out walked their drummer who went right into the beginning of “This Is What I Know About Sacrifice” then followed by the band. Jonathon then ran onto the stage and starting singing which could barely be heard since the crowd was singing so loudly over him. The crowd sang every word to every song. Jonathon is also one of the best frontmen around right now. Never once did a smile leave his face, he’s extremely thankful, and the guy is funny. At one point a group of drunk guys in the balcony kept calling him asking him to come drink with them. Jonathon then replied “I’m straightedge man, (then started laughing), but I’d love to do a shot of coke with you. Get me a large glass of coke and a shot of coke. You drop the coke in the coke and man it gets crazy”). During that the entire band is laughing as is the crowd. Their entire set being on the floor even if you weren’t in the pit you were moving because everyone on that floor was jumping around. I didn’t know what to expect either as “Engine 45” was the closer but I can see why they did it. The last chorus of the song everyone but Jonathon left the stage and he let the crowd finish singing the song. It was a surreal moment almost.

The Ghost Inside Set :

This is What I Know About Sacrifice
Faith or Forgiveness
The Great Unknown
Thirty Three
Greater Distance
Between the Lines
Engine 45

Miss May I had no way to top that sadly. Not only that but they only played for about 40 minutes. Same as TGI. Levi had sound problems a lot with the mic pack he was using which caused them between songs to stop for a few minutes to get that fixed. The crowd was tame with just a lot of jumping happening during them. Even during the Miss May I Marathon pit it only lasted a minute or so before the pit stopped completely. The band themselves are boring except for Levi who has a insane amount of energy. He was constantly jumping around on stage. He’s quite entertaining to watch. Their basset does good vocals but he’s so lifeless on stage. He spent at least 70% of the set with his back to the crowd standing in front of his amp.

The main thing that annoyed me was the speech Levi gave about the tour. He said how MMI were on the cover of AP Magazine which is all mainstream and how because MMI gave all the spots to underground bands they were able to get AP Mag to put all the bands on the cover of the magazine because of the tour. He then went on to call all the bands including TGI as underground bands. I mean not only were more people there for TGI than MMI but it’s not like TGI only do small shows. They are insanely popular and have done several big summer tours. Overall MMI were decent but couldn’t follow TGI.

Miss May I Set :

Hey Mister
Bleeding Out
Our Kings
Forgive and Forget
A Dance With Aera Cura
Masses Of A Dying Breed
Drum Solo
Opening Wounds
Ballad of a Broken Man
Day By Day

Still overall it was a fun show.

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