Chain Letter (2010) Movie Review

Chain Letter (2010) Movie Review
Chain Letter (2010) Movie Review


Chain Letter (2010) Movie Review
Released : Oct. 1st, 2010
Reviewed : Nov. 27th, 2012
Genre : Horror
Story (from IMDB) :
A maniac murders teens when they refuse to forward chain mail.


Review :
It’s funny how small plot holes can completely ruin a film.

So the story to this film is based off those chain letters that became popular for a small amount of time. The letters being those send to 5 people or be killed etc etc etc. They were annoying when they were popular so a movie based off it. This film just has so many small flaws with the story that I just can’t look past. For one thing the entire chain letter thing doesn’t even follow through the story. The people that do in fact send to 5 other people still die, the killer still kills people not involved, and they just pretty much play by their own rules. The teens play their normal stupid roles in which even after finding a good lead on what is going on they never once inform anyone about it, instead they just go to sleep. The police pretty much do nothing other than asking if the deceased victims had any enemies. Parents in the town where kids are being killed still leave kids home alone.

It is funny that for the video cafe scene when the woman leaves to go the bathroom the bathroom is somehow located in the back of a dark gritty alley. Now if you take the story aside the acting is nothing special and for some reason KeithDavid signed to do this movie. Also I gotta point out the fact that he dresses ridiculous in this movie. Just look at the hat he’s wearing and that will explain what I mean.

The one thing this movie has going for it though is the violence. The kills are decently done with the final kill being the best. It is actually somewhat gory too. Now the kills won’t be winning any awards but in a extremely generic movie it does help.

Is it the film horrible, not really. With a ridiculous story though you can’t help but not care about it.


Score :

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