Straw Dogs (2011) Movie Review

Straw Dogs (2011) Movie Review
Straw Dogs (2011) Movie Review


Straw Dogs (2011) Movie Review
Released : Sept. 16th, 2011
Reviewed : Nov. 15th, 2012
Genre : Thriller
Story (from IMDB) :
L.A. screenwriter David Sumner relocates with his wife to her hometown in the deep South. There, while tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with locals becomes a threat to them both.

Review :

If you make a boring movie it is going to be boring to watch. If you then add no interesting characters, a dull plot, and just no long that are meant to build suspense but don’t, your gonna have a bad time. This movie does all of that.
Now Straw Dogs is a remake and while it stays pretty close to the original only changing minor things mainly being location that still doesn’t save it. The fact that from the previews it was also played out almost to appear to be a copycat of Last House On The Left almost making it a horror movie didn’t help it either at all. Not even that saved it from being a box office bomb. Some moments of the story have unexplained moments that almost fall into the category of being plot holes because of how unrealistic they become and how the obvious choice is overshadowed. I will say the final twist though that leads into the over drawn final scene is just ridiculous. It’s just a horrible twist.
Actor wise this movie falls short too. Other than the fact that Kate Bosworth is stunning to look at the rest of the cast isn’t too great. The gang of your stereotyped rednecks falls flat with none of them really getting too much time to develop. James Marsden gets the main role and just doesn’t feel right in it. His character isn’t too likeable and just the character progression to him doesn’t feel natural at all. He goes from almost a cocky guy towards his wife who pays little attention to her and her concerns into some smart defensive defender.
Even the last year drags on though and that’s the highlight of the film. Other than seeing a guy get his hands nail gunned to a wall and the final kill that I won’t spoil everything else is drawn out and just feels generic. It’s been done before and with already a bad film the final scene can’t save it.
In a film that just doesn’t give much backstory to explain anything it just turns into watching random events progress without knowing why they are or what the reason for it is. You feel no remorse for the “good guys” and don’t know what to think about the “bad guys” because we don’t know why they did anything to a great extent.
Overall other than 2 kills and seeing Kate Bosworth this movie is one you should avoid.

Score :



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