The Samaritan (2012) Movie Review

The Samaritan (2012) Movie Review
The Samaritan (2012) Movie Review


The Samaritan (2012) Movie Review

Released : May 18th, 2012

Reviewed : Nov. 4th , 2012

Genre : Thriller

Story (from IMDB) :

After twenty years in prison, Foley is finished with the grifter’s life. When he meets an elusive young woman named Iris, the possibility of a new start looks real. But his past is proving to be a stubborn companion.


Review :


A noir film with Samuel L Jackson should be good and it proves to me. A twisted movie but good none the less.

The plot keeps it relatively simple with Jackson playing a con man who after finally gets out of jail meets a girl and decides to do his last con forever and get out of the business. Action wise the movie moves along nicely with most of the focus being on the plot. While nothing done is new or fresh the big twist is what draws most people really into it as the twist is in simple words disturbing and completely unexpected.

Samuel L Jackson really is the only standout role in the film with everyone else being forgettable. Really this is a simple movie that if it wasn’t for the twist it would make it easily forgettable as it was pretty much a straight to DVD film in the US that went unnoticed by most.

Overall its a decent movie with a standout twist to it that makes it memorable. Worth a view for sure but replay value will more than likely rather low.


Score :



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