Killjoy Goes To Hell (2012) Movie Review

Killjoy Goes To Hell (2012) Movie Review
Killjoy Goes To Hell (2012) Movie Review


Killjoy Goes To Hell (2012) Movie Review

Released : Sept. 18th, 2012

Reviewed : Nov. 3rd, 2012

Genre : Horror

Story (from IMDB) :

Killjoy is back in the fourth installment of the demonic clown series. This time Killjoy is being accused of not being evil, since he let one of his victims(Sandie) get away. Killjoy must rely on his only chance of proving how evil he really is… get Sandie into hell as his witness.


Review :


Here we have the 4th movie in the Killjoy series, not that any of the Killjoy movies are that good or popular. Just another movie to a unpopular series. Surprisingly (not really based on the series track record) this is the best one yet. This is also the only one that ties into another Killjoy movie story wise.

The story picks up after the 3rd one where his victim that got away is locked up in a loony bin since she can’t stop laughing and Killjoy is put on trail for not being evil enough for demon standers. That itself is a pretty creative story. Throughout the movie you meet his backup crew from the 3rd movie (Betty Bop, Freakshow, and Punchy). Betty Bop is surprising someone more tolerable this film but her voice just kills it for me. Punchy and Freakshow also have more of a role in this film and lead to some good moments with both of them. The plot never really drags and flows quite nicely throughout.

Trent Haaga again plays the role of Killjoy and truly masters it this movie. He is almost like a offbeat Freddy but add in tons of vulgarity’s out of him. What the movie lacks in kills (though the kill count raises quite a lot in the end) the film makes up for with humor. Aqueela Zoll is stunning as the hot court attendant in the movie too.

Overall the film sets it up so that if a Killjoy 5 is done it will be a great comedy bloodbath. Hopefully they make one actually because this one was quite enjoyable and a change of pace from other horror movies. It’s worth a watch (but watch Killjoy 3 first).


Score :



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