CKY 4 Latest And Greatest (2003) Movie Review

CKY 4 Latest And Greatest (2003) Movie Review
CKY 4 Latest And Greatest (2003) Movie Review


CKY 4 Latest And Greatest (2003) Movie Review
Released : March 25th, 2003
Reviewed : Oct. 23rd, 2012
Genre : Comedy

Story (from IMDB) :
A difference from this CKY movie compared to the other is this one is on a rather higher budget. Throughout the duration of the film, we see the usual suspects, Bam, Bran, Ryan, Raab Himself, Rake Yohn, Art Webb 1986 and the others, jumping from moving cars, out of third story parking lot windows and all the other crazy things they could come up with. There are also the normal skating sets put in for all you boarders out there!

Review :

CKY movies were “Jackass” before Jackass was made really. It consists of the crew from Viva La Bam in their early days doing stunts. messing around , and of course it has some skateboarding shots put in it.

Now this film has a wide mix of stuff in it. You get the stunts including barrel rolls, the shopping carts, jumping off roofs and from moving car to moving car among other. The skateboard videos and a few short videos of Mike Valley being the hulk that he is and fighting. You also get some down right disgusting stuff in here. Really what might be the standout moment of this dvd is the scene where Rabb Himself leans against a restaurant window in the middle of a busy street and then proceeds to poop all over and down the window. The shock value from the people eating are priceless as is the shot of what he actually did. That along makes the dvd.

You also get a few music videos by GnarKill! where Brandon Dicamillo shows off the fact that even when messing around he is just offbeat funny and not a bad vocalist. You get the cameos from the usual people as well like CKY and Evil Jared and Jimmy Pop from Bloodhound Gang.

Even with the low budget quality from this it still shines out as being almost nonstop laughs. If you like Jackass or any of the stars from it or the spinoffs then you will enjoy this.

Score :


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