Killjoy 3 (2010) Movie Review

Killjoy 3 (2010) Movie Review
Killjoy 3 (2010) Movie Review


Killjoy 3 (2010) Movie Review

Released : Dec.14th, 2010

Reviewed : Oct.21st, 2012

Genre : Horror

Story (from IMDB) :

The demon clown Killjoy is resurrected once again, but this time he is not given the name of his victim and is trapped in his realm. Using a magic mirror he lures four unsuspecting college students into his realm where he can have his macabre fun! A mysterious man returns and we finally discover who Killjoy’s true target is!


Review :

Where to begin on this one. It wasn’t good, but it also wasn’t bad. This falls into that general horror movie section of so bad it’s decent low budget horror movie.

Killjoy acts like a second rate Freddy but add in 100 more vulgarity’s. Now he is funny and Trent Haaga does a great job making the character fun to watch. Though they also decided that Killjoy needed a small team to go along with him. With that we get a extremely generic group of people. A disfigured mime with a child growing out of him (horrible makeup with that one), a fat, a fat bodyguard type clown, and a fully nude painted up female clown who might be the worst character ever made. She has the worst high pitched voice ever. Not a single likeable thing about her.

The acting and dialog also is bad along with a bad revenge type plot mixed with almost the plot of Freddy’s dream world. The kills themselves are for the most part made to be humorous rather than scary. Actually this movie isn’t scary at all other than people that would find the fact that Killjoy is a clown scary.

Even with it’s flaws though it’s funny enough for a watch.


Score :



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