Rock Of Ages (2012) Movie Review

Rock Of Ages (2012) Movie Review
Rock Of Ages (2012) Movie Review


Rock Of Ages (2012) Movie Review

Released : June 15th, 2012

Reviewed : Oct. 17th, 2012

Genre : Musical

Story (from IMDB) :

A small town girl and a city boy meet on the Sunset Strip, while pursuing their Hollywood dreams.


Review :


I usually really hate musicals. I just never really got into movies revolved around everyone singing to each other. This one looked intriguing to me though based on the fact that it not only did it have a great cast but the music was all 80’s metal and hair metal which is a genre and time period in which I like many of the artists and songs that happened. Surprising though not only did I enjoy this movie but I loved it.

The cast alone is great in this film. Julianne Hough plays her role well and fits the role I think. She has a great voice and really looks like she could be in the time period for the film. Tom Cruise played a rock star full of himself quite well and his voice training went well as throughout the movie he sounds great. Alec Baldwin was phenomenal as always and Russel Brand and himself make a great pairing together. Catherine Zeta-Jones did a good job as the villain and her twist was decent enough but you could see it coming from miles away.

The real pleasure is the song choice. All the big hits from 80’s metal are in this movie and some are even mashed against other songs. The best part is that the mash ups are that they actually work together and sound good. Also during some parts you can see different musicians from the songs and time period in the it just as backups.

The movie itself is just fun. It doesn’t always take itself to seriously and along with a great cast, great cast, and just a fun vibe to it you won’t regret watching it. Overall it is a must see and something you will end up watching again. This might be my most surprising movie of 2012 so far.


Score :


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