Bad Ass (2012) Movie Review

Bad Ass (2012) Movie Review
Bad Ass (2012) Movie Review


Bad Ass (2012) Movie Review

Released :

Reviewed : Oct.4th, 2012

Genre : Action

Story (from IMDB) :

 A Vietnam veteran who becomes a local hero after saving a man from attackers on a city bus decides to take action when his best friend is murdered and the police show little interest in solving the crime.

Review :

Remember that youtube video of a old guy beating the day lights of another guy on a bus. Well they decided to try and make a full movie based off that.

To start off they really just made the scene from the video start off the movie and just added a extremely generic revenge type plot in it afterwards. The acting minus Danny Trejo is downright horrible. The story is what makes this movie just downright laughable. He starts killing all these gang members and everyone including police know who it is yet no one stops him. The police say “No, please stop” but take no action. They just downright let him continue killing.

Also the last final fight of the movie is downright sad and laughable. This film is just laughable. You can’t take it too seriously because I don’t think anyone is taking it serious. Danny Trejo wears a fanny pack, Ron Perlman is in it (for a small amount of time) and it has one of the worst made for movies rap songs ever.

Overall I wouldn’t recommend it but if your bored and can’t find anything else to watch at least this will make you laugh.


Overall :

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