The Expendables 2 (XBLA) Game Review

The Expendables 2 (XBLA) Game Review
The Expendables 2 (XBLA) Game Review

The Expendables 2 (XBLA) Game Review

Released : Aug. 17th, 2012

Reviewed : Sept. 10th, 2012

Publisher : Ubisoft

System : Xbox 360 Arcade Game

Review :

Now movie games are generally bad, movie games that get announced only within a few months of release should be deemed for failure. I was stupid how ever and spent the $15 on this game in the hopes that it would at least be decent. Like expected I was wrong.

Now as you would expect the plot for the game is almost nonexistent and barely there enough to go from chapter to chapter. The one thing that still puzzles me though is why in Jet Li in this game first off. He was in the 2nd movie in which this game is based off by the name for only 15 minutes. I mean at first I thought he was Jason Statham because his special is the knives. Apparently not. Graphically it looks like it should of been on PS1. Nothing good about the sound either really as the Stallone voice actor is horrible and after a while it all sounds the same.

Now really the first thing you will notice when playing is how horrible it is trying to aim. A top down shooter where the aiming is horrible makes the game ever so fun. Once you get a load of enemy’s on screen too it is not only hard to tell where you are shooting but even harder trying to sometimes know where you are without dying. Now the AI itself is a mixed bag. Sometimes they just all die nonstop and other times they all just play medic so don’t expect too much help. I’d say try online but the online for this game is already dead.

Now there is a cover system you can use which is a nice bonus and the melee attacks when zoomed are over the top like expected but since the enemy is always dead on with his shot you take damage trying to grab him. You also have rail shooter missions where it quickly turns into a game of which circle am I and hold down the trigger and hope to hit stuff. Not a single bit of fun. You can level up your guys though which takes a god awful long amount of time.

I have to say Jet Li’s bad voice actor did a great job of trying to sound like a Chinese man. He didn’t even try. Terry Crews and Lungren did lend their voice but they rarely speak so whats the point.

Overall this is horrible and a waste of time and money to play.

Score :


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