Hit Girl Issue #1 And #2 Comic Book Review

Hit Girl Issue #1 And #2 Comic Book Review

Released : Issue #1 Jun. 27th, 2012

                    Issue #2 July 25th, 2012

Reviewed : Sept. 6th, 2012

Publisher : Marvel Icon

Review :

Hit Girl the very likeable and loveable side character of the hit comic and movie Kick Ass finally gets her own book and side story. Just liked expected too not only is it extremely funny but truly makes her a likeable character.

The story picks up after Kick Ass 1 but before the Kick Ass 2 comic begins. It shows the mob coming back into power and Hit Girl coming out of a short lived break to rejoin Kick Ass and take down the mob in remembrance of her father “Big Daddy”. Now the first issue shows a lot about Mindy more than Hit Girl and also has many flashback moments explaining and showing her training with her father. It really shows some of the extremes she was trained in. You really do get to see the human almost normal side of Hit Girl and see how out of costume she has a hard time trying to be normal as it isn’t a part of life she expected.

Issue 2 however comes together with training Kick Ass as her side kick and getting ready to slowly go in and take down the mafia. It shows how great of a team they and displays some comical moments played mainly from the fact of how Hit Girl talks (not like any normal 12 year old would talk). You also get to see Red Mist slowly try to make himself a super villain with a generic crew of lowlifes.

Visually it looks like you would expect a kick ass comic too. Dark and gritty when fighting crime but sort of bright when facing normal daily events.

Overall if you are a fan of Kick Ass before you will love it and if you are not it is still great enough to give a viewing to.

Score :


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