The Flash “Blitz” Comic Book Review

The Flash "Blitz" Comic Book Review
The Flash “Blitz” Comic Book Review

The Flash “Blitz” Comic Book Review

Released : Aug.1st, 2004

Reviewed : Sept. 4th, 2012

Publisher : DC Comics


Review :


Finally a great comic book that shows The Flash as a darker character with some good adult twists thrown into the mix. During this book we really get to see The Flash’s true mentality not only on being a hero in people’s mind but the toll that it takes mentally on not only himself but on his wife and family members with him trying to keep them separate from the life of “The Flash”.

The book starts with the super ape villain Grodd escaping therefore also releasing a horde of villains that were also imprisoned in the same facility. What follows after is not only a battle with Grodd but also battles with many other Flash villains including Peek-A-Boo. The story also does a nice job at giving back story into each villain that makes a appearance for people that may not be familiar with them or need a refresher.

Now without spoiling anything I will say my favorite thing about this comic was the adult almost dark theme it took towards the end before the climatic battle. It gave it a realistic feel and put The Flash in a spot that really showed how even with powers that mentally he is still human and thinks like one. It was a interesting twist and helped give the comic a extra push.

Also the drawings for the comics have a adult look to them with blood being showed when needed and it almost carries a gritty feel to it with the darkness of a lot of the panels during intense moments.

Overall it is a great set of comics and a must read for fans of The Flash or anyone looking for a good comic.


Score :



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