Walking Tall (2004) Movie Review

Walking Tall (2004) Movie Review
Walking Tall (2004) Movie Review

Walking Tall (2004) Movie Review

Released : April 2nd, 2004

Reviewed : Aug.31st, 2012

Genre : Action

Story (from IMDB) :

A former U.S. soldier returns to his hometown to find it overrun by crime and corruption, which prompts him to clean house.


Review :


We need more movies where the Rock beats people down with a piece of lumber. Walking Tall is a fun short remake of 70’s film based off a true story. While this movie isn’t perfect it is quite fun to watch.

The Rock as always plays a good very likeable guy moving back into his small town only to realize it is now corrupt and taken over, since its the Rock you know he has to fix it almost by himself. Along with The Rock is Johnny Knoxville playing a likeable guy who as always is having fun. You can tell he enjoyed his role.

Now it wouldn’t be a movie without The Rock without there being a good amount of action. You get to see him take a huge beating for a great deal of the movie but also beat people up with everything from lumber, to tables, to fistfights, and even some scenes involving gun fights. This movie is just another prime example of why The Rock is a great action star.

Don’t go into this expected some long movie with deep character plots or too much thought into the story as you won’t find it. The story for the most part is just enough to connect the story together and piece together action scenes. The movie clocks in under a hour and a half so they don’t have to much time to get into a deep story though with how this film plays out keeping it just action is fine.

Overall this movie is a good almost mindless action movie where The Rock shines as being one of today’s best action stars.


Score :




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