The Campaign (2012) Movie Review

The Campaign (2012) Movie Review
The Campaign (2012) Movie Review

The Campaign (2012) Movie Review

Released : Aug.10th, 2012

Reviewed : Aug.31st, 2012

Genre : Comedy

Story (from IMDB) :

In order to gain influence over their North Carolina district, two CEOs seize an opportunity to oust long-term congressman Cam Brady by putting up a rival candidate. Their man: naive Marty Huggins, director of the local Tourism Center.


Review :


I am disappointed. This movie had a lot of potential from didn’t fulfill what could have been a great comedy film.

The team of Will Ferrell playing the loud mouth foul character he has perfected along with Zach Galifianakis playing a weird awkward character as always works well together but many of the jokes fall flat. Many of the truly funny parts are shown in the previews. Now there are a lot of moments that might make you crack a small laugh but there are very few moments that will make you laugh for more than a second. By far one of the best moments is the call Will Ferrell makes to the wrong number. That scene only lasts around 30 seconds too.

I feel like they tried pushing the plot almost too much but I never felt like it was going any place. While the plot does a great job of showing how politics if run by company’s and mainly money it still fails to make you care about the outcome. I just felt like what happens wouldn’t be important or carry any big change to the film which was already going downhill.

I was right about that. Without spoiling it, they make the end have that plot change that the majority of comedies have. It was nothing special and if anything made the film even more generic.

Overall , there are some funny parts but overall it could have been a lot better.


Score :



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