Dirty Sanchez The Movie (2006) Review

Dirty Sanchez The Movie (2006) Review
Dirty Sanchez The Movie (2006) Review

Dirty Sanchez The Movie (2006) Review

Released : Sept. 17th, 2007

Reviewed : Aug. 29th, 2012

Genre : Comedy

Story (from IMDB) :

Four guys set off on a world tour to enact the seven deadly sins. Based on the MTV Europe series “Dirty Sanchez”.

Review :

The saying on this box is correct, this does make Jackass look like a children’s show but for the wrong reason most of the time. Jackass is about having fun and doing some crazy stunts. Dirty Sanchez crew is about doing stuff that is over the top gross and highly dangerous. It leads into some funny scenes and some gut wrenching scenes.

One of the main flaws of the movie though is that they tried giving it a story line where the crew has to commit each of the 7 seven deadly sins. It makes it feel like almost scripted in parts where they mainly talk and it leads into some almost awkward scenes.

Now onto the main reason people would watch this. The stunts in this range from funny to insane to downright sickening almost. Jackass enjoyed drinking each others vomit. Dirty Sanchez enjoys drinking the blood of another members blood from surgery. There are a handful of funny moments in the film but there is far too many scenes that somehow involve mutilating or doing something with their genitals in front of each other. I mean they are naked in front of each other more than once. Gets weird after a while I think.

The scene with the Tokyo Shock Boys is funny but gets very sick very fast. The best part of the movie though is when they convince of the guys to try to break the world record for most paintball shots in a row. Now this guy gets killed doing over a hundred in a row. They then tell him it is all fake and there is no record breaking taking place.

Overall this film is funny in parts but overall just shocking. They could have made it just stunts instead of adding a corny story that makes parts feel scripted. You’ll laugh and you’ll cringe a lot. Worth a view for the shock factor.

Score :


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