The Dudesons Movie (2006) Movie Review

The Dudesons Movie (2006) Movie Review
The Dudesons Movie (2006) Movie Review


The Dudesons Movie (2006) Movie Review

Released : July 11th, 2006

Reviewed : Aug. 28th , 2012

Genre : Comedy

Story (from IMDB) :

“The Dudesons Movie” is an extreme stunts comedy that features the wild antics of four hilarious, lifelong friends and their crazy lives in the Arctic Circle.


Review :


This film falls way short of it’s big brother Jackass by a far shot. It’s not even as good as Dirty Sanchez The Movie which is just a more extreme Jackass. The Dudesons Movie could have been great but they tried making them up to be rockstars while failing to lock in the stunts that were needed to make this film great.

Now yes this film does have its funny moments and there are some generally funny and crazy stunts in this which are just as good as some of Jackass’ stuff. The part where this film takes a huge decline is where they try to play The Dudesons up to be rock stars. The film constantly says the rock star life of the dudesons and tries to play them up as huge famous people. They show they doing stunts for huge festivals. Now Jackass shined because it was mainly stunts with very little interaction between them. This film is mainly talking and showing each member with some stunts in between.

They do show how close the guys are but it is too much talking with it all. They try to make the big finale almost scenes where they mess with their neighbor “Mr.Hitler”. Personally I found it to not be that funny really and it was a duller moment to try and close the film on. Human Dartboard at the beginning was one of the highlights of the film though. The huge landscapes they have available I feel aren’t taken advantage of. You do see Bam and Steve-O from Jackass though for brief parts.

If you enjoy Jackass and Dirty Sanchez you’ll like this for the most part. Just don’t expect nonstop stunts.


Score :


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