Triloquist (2008) Movie Review

Triloquist (2008) Movie Review
Triloquist (2008) Movie Review

Triloquist (2008) Movie Review

Released : July 15th, 2008

Reviewed : Aug.25th, 2012

Genre : Horror

Story (from IMDB) :

In 1993, in Hollywood, California, a decadent ventriloquist overdoses and dies, leaving her two children to be sent to a foster house with their dummy. Their lives become a nightmare of abuse and murder, to be avenged by a wrathful dummy.


Review (May Contain Spoilers) :

I think I had more fun looking at the box then I did watching this film. This is a horrible movie and at that it is not what I expected at all.

I went into this expected a Chucky type film almost or a adult version of Goosebumps “Night Of The Living Dummy” but instead I got a horrible plot with some horrible acting with bad plot twists. Right off the bat it has the bad “this is a tale from 3rd person being told” then add in some horrible flashbacks with black and white cut shots and you have the beginning of the movie. The characters are unlikable and just plain horrible. The main female role is a crude character who for some reason decides it is necessary in any situation to use insane amounts of sexual profanity in her sentences while the male role stands there like a idiot. The male character “Norbert” has that creepy pedophile look o him that I don’t think they were aiming for. Thankfully he doesn’t speak until one scene at the end where he overacts so much it made me laugh. Other than that one scene he really stands around doing nothing or he will be doing a insanely ridiculous dance for no apparent reason.

The violence in this film is average and most off screen. It does nothing for the film at all. At the end though they decide that this movie isn’t bad enough so they should throw in a incest twist and a twist where they try to make the dummy seem even more bland by saying it was fake. I think they were aiming on making a bad film.

Hey, at least they succeeded in something for this film. It only gets 1 star because I found Norberts dancing so stupid and out of place.


Score :



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