Trailer Park Of Terror (2008) Movie Review

Trailer Park Of Terror (2008) Movie Review
Trailer Park Of Terror (2008) Movie Review

Trailer Park Of Terror (2008) Movie Review

Released : Oct 19th, 2008

Reviewed : Aug. 21nd, 2012

Genre : Horror

Story (from IMDB) :

Based on the Imperium Comics series, Trailer Park of Terror. Six troubled high school students and their chaperon, an optimistic youth ministries Pastor, return from an outdoor character building retreat in the mountains. During a raging storm, their bus crashes, hopelessly stranding them in the middle of the Trucker’s Triangle, a forgotten locus of consummate evil in the middle of nowhere. The hapless group seeks shelter for the night in a seemingly abandoned trailer park they find down the road. However, when the sun sets, it’s not refuge they find. Instead, terror finds them in the form of Norma, a damned redneck reaper with a killer body who dispenses vengeance and death aided by her cursed companions, a bloodthirsty brood of Undead trailer trash.


Review : (May Contain Spoilers)

This movie had premise I guess. No, I take that back it didn’t. The premise in a nutshell contains Norma who is fed up with her trailer park of nasty stereotyped rednecks and he she makes a deal with the devil and kills them all. First off why is the devil constantly in horrible places offering up deals to the worst people. Apparently decades later they come back as zombies for some reason. I don’t know why since they neglect a story for the movie. Other than that the film is just your stereotyped cast of characters being killed by redneck zombies. The film almost reminds me of a horrible version of 2001 Maniacs.

You deaths are uninspired for the most part though they are somewhat funny. A few involve a girl getting high off heroine and thinking the zombie is part of the high and he saws off her arm. Oh yeah , the zombies in this film can run, jump. speak, use tools, and most importantly sing and play guitar. Back to deaths the part in the massage parlor is entertaining enough. Also watching the main zombie queen Norma rip off her face was entertaining.

Other than those scenes though you are stuck with characters that you could care less about, a story that isn’t there, and a slow pace with only a few killings here and there. There isn’t enough to make it a good horror movie or even a fun film to watch when bored. You will almost just wonder why you watched it let alone bought it. It isn’t memorable and will be forgotten. Just skip it.


Score :


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