All Stars Tour — Chicago, IL — Aug. 13th, 2012

Well this was somewhat a disappointing show. Originally had a interview with Johnny Plague but personal problems on my end made sure that didn’t happen but still wanted to go to the show anyway to catch a few bands.

Apparently the venue had pushed doors and the opening bands up a hour and just didn’t tell anyone so I got in just as Betraying The Martyrs hit the stage. Now I had saw them maybe 3 weeks prior since they were playing Mayhem Fest and my thoughts on them are still the same. They have amazing stage energy the music though just sounds the same and it’s generic. There also seemed to be a trend with most of the bands on this tour that they would just stand dead center on the front of the stage and do some move where they bent over and let their arms just hang up. It looked stupid. They were fun to watch though and the keyboardist / singer jumped off the stage multiple times.
Betraying The Martyrs Set :

Liberate Me Ex Inferis
Man Made Disaster
Life Is Precious
Because of You

Next up was Make Me Famous. Now I generally enjoy most music enjoy generic core breakdown music but theses guys were horrible. I actually went and sat down and starting zoning out for the entire set almost. Every song blended together and they sounded horrible.

After them was Stray From The Path were one of few odd choices for the show since they are a hardcore band. Now they just had a bad show. The guitarists had problems and one time actually had his guitar go out for a entire song which caused them to have to make the set shorter. It’s hard to be a hardcore band and put on a great show on a huge stage in a huge venue.

Next up was Obey The Brave who did nothing for me again. I took their time to get pizza and watch from a far.

Attila was next and I still don’t see the big deal with them. Their songs are all the same and they are all about sex and drugs. The crowd LOVED them though I don’t see why. The lead singer reminded of the hipster trashy version of Matt Shadows just because of how he looked. The lyrics are over the top stupid and I just can’t get into them. Even when they intro’d the new the song they said something along the lines of “This song is for the women with big booties and the men who go after them”. The only thing I liked was that he could scream and talk extremely fast. Too bad he only did that once.

Attila Set :

Nothing Left To Say
Sex, Drugs, & Violence
Light Me Up
Lights Out
White Lightning

After them was one of the main reasons I went to the show. STICK TO YOUR GUNS! Now the second Diamond started over the PA the pit opened up and all you see is real hardcore guys in shirts for bands like Terror, Xiblaba, Trapped Under Ice, Backtrack, Stick To Your Guns and the lead singer of STYG is in a Xibalba shirt while the drummer and guitarist are sporting Terror shirts. The second the words to Diamond start the lead singer dives off the stage and does the entire song on top of the crowd. There set had almost non stop crowd surfers and the pit had real hardcore dancing. The band was extremely appreciative and even said that this is the oddest tour they’ve done and that a lot of the other bands need to be happy they are on the tour. He also stated that what they do isn’t hard and they don’t do it for fame like the other bands do and that the real starts were the people in the crowd who work all day then spend their money to come and see them play. Their set was over too quickly and I can’t wait to see them again.
Stick To Your Guns Set :
Against Them All
Enough Is Enough
This Is More
Such Pain
We Still Believe

The second main band I wanted to see was up next and that was California’s own Winds Of Plague. Instead Of Banners for them they had flashing lights with their logos. It looked really cool with their intro and set the mood for the show. Now again the pit was filled with hardcore guys for WOP. The main was at 110% constantly moving around the stage and Johnny Plague is just a hulking presence. The crowd was screaming along with the words as was the rest of the band. Johnny had announced that WOP have been doing this for 10 years now so all the 16 year old kids there were only 6 when they started so they need to get out so the real hardcore guys can come in for them. Alona was wearing some death metal shirt but I couldn’t tell what it was. Again their set was too short but had their hits and I can’t wait to see them again. Drop The Match and Refined In The Fire are still two of the best sing along songs live I’ve seen.

Winds Of Plague Set :
        The Impaler
        One Body Too Many
        Drop the Match
        Refined in the Fire
        Decimate the Weak
        Angels of Debauchery

Secret Band was up next to take Dance Gavin Dance’s place on the tour. They did play earlier than DGD would have and well it was a odd time. The band said it was their first live show ever and the majority of the crowd was sitting down. Even close to the stage people were sitting. I want to say they were almost like BTBAM meet’s Veil Of Maya type sound but I don’t think most of the crowd had ever heard of them. I hadn’t heard of them until they announced they were taking DGD’s place on the tour. It was a unexpected show I think by them.

Secret Band Set (Thanks to :

        Devil’s Gospel
        Stuck and Glued
        Breakfast Time
        An Advertisement
        (New Song)

For The Fallen Dreams was next and I’ll save the type to type this, they fall into the same spot Make Me Famous did.

For The Fallen Dreams Set :
December Everyday
Your Funeral
Deep Down Inside
Resolvent Feelings
The Big Empty
Brothers In Arms

A Skylit Drive came on next and the 13 year old girls went crazy. Something about a band that does nothing but clean vocals where the sound of every song is the same drives them crazy. They drove me crazy in a different way. He sounded like a small girl and their guitar player did nothing but spin around the stage the whole time. I did enjoy the cover of “I Love The Way You Lie” though. That was pretty good.

A Skylit Drive Set :
        Prelude to a Dream
        All It Takes for Your Dreams to Come True
        Tempt Me, Temptation
        Love The Way You Lie
        Too Little Too Late
        Wires and the Concept of Breathing
        The Cali Buds

I See Stars was next and I made it about 2 songs in their set before I left. I couldn’t stand them and was tired. Staying just wasn’t doing it for me. I would have loved to see Suicide Silence but I would have had to leave during their set anyway to catch the train and bus back home. I just couldn’t take any more horrible bands though. So other than Stick To Your Guns and Winds Of Plague it was a fail of a day.

All Stars Tour 2012
All Stars Tour 2012

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