No Room For Rockstars “The Vans Warped Tour” (2012) Movie Review

No Room For Rockstars "The Vans Warped Tour" (2012) Movie Review
No Room For Rockstars “The Vans Warped Tour” (2012) Movie Review

No Room For Rockstars “The Vans Warped Tour” (2012) Movie Review

Released : May 8th, 2012

Reviewed : Aug. 5th, 2012

Genre : Documentary

Story (from IMDB) :

A documentary shot during the 2010 Warped Tour, featuring interviews with different musicians, fans, and others involved with the event.


Review :

I was expecting something a lot better than this going into it. Either that or I was expecting something a lot different than what I was presented with. I went into this expecting a documentary about life on the warped tour along with the backstory of Warped and how it all got going and still goes today. What I got was what is almost a fan made film about Warped Tour that at the end almost is nothing but trying to show how more corporate Warped Tour is now than it use to be.

In the film though you do get to see and hear from some bands. It is really just the same 4 or so bands which are “Suicide Silence” , “Never Shout Never”, “Mike Posner”, and a local band from California that follows Warped Tour named “Forever Came Calling”. Now each band and interview are vastly different than each other. Suicide Silence comes off as honest saying that touring is how they get out there and that they did to do it so they can support their family while Never Say Never come across as whiny really. The lead singer from Never Say Never spends alot of time complaining about how corporate the tour is and how they go to make money. I don’t think he understands they need to make money to do it because it isn’t like it started out where each show only like 800 people to the near 600,000 people that attend Warped Tour each year. You also have him complaining about how he wants to go home even though he dropped out of school and hated home. I felt like he had too much screen time and if anything made the film worse since he is constantly downgrading Warped Tour.

Also in the film is Mike Posner who just as Warped Tour started had his hit song “Cooler Than Me” hit the charts. It was funny to watch him say he knows he has sold more records than most of the bands on there and that they’ve done it longer. I don’t think he made some good friends by saying that though. He does come across as sincere for the fame he has though and also shows that he is constantly working as they showed that after his sets at Warped he would go play another show someplace else.

The film also follows the band “Forever Came Calling” trek with the Warped Tour in their broken van just to sell their cds. It really shows how hard some bands will work and it also gives a good view of how emotionally wrecking it can be and what kind of problems you can face on the road. It does end happy for them as they do end up making it kind of towards the end but this is actually one of the few parts of the film that truly shows what it is like. They could have cut some of the more personal stuff for the band though and kept it more music / tour related.

This film shows some of the constant stress and work that not only Kevin Lyman is under constantly but also the stage crew on how at any second something can go wrong. They very quickly look at the making of Warped Tour and name drop some bands that started at Warped but never go into too much detail about it. That is what I wanted the documentary to be about instead of it being a few bands and a lot of talk about how corporate it is.

It’s worth a view for a few of the decent parts it has but if you are looking for a real documentary based on Warped Tour instead of a few bands journeys and thoughts than you will have to keep waiting.


Score :



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