Wanderlust (2012) Movie Review

Wanderlust (2012) Movie Review
Wanderlust (2012) Movie Review


Wanderlust (2012) Movie Review

Released : Feb. 24th , 2012

Reviewed : Aug. 1st , 2012

Genre : Comedy

Story (from IMDB) :

Rattled by sudden unemployment, a Manhattan couple surveys alternative living options, ultimately deciding to experiment with living on a rural commune where free love rules.


Review :


Well this was funnier than I would have thought. Sure it may cater to a specific group of people as if you find hippie raunchy jokes funny. I guess I am in that group.

Now this movie does have a lot of hippie jokes and situations but the film plays off them pretty well. Even the nudist character (you do see a lot of nudity) is likeable enough and has his own funny moments that don’t even mention the fact that he is completely nude. The cast though is what really helps this movie including Paul Rudd carrying the movie a lot while Jennifer Aniston also giving some good moments in it. Now this movie may have more vulgar language and raunchy jokes than most comedies but I feel like for this movie which out of gate already is a weird one it works for and doesn’t make the film come off as tasteless and just doing it so they can say they added dirty words.

The cast of hippies that they have for the film are all different enough from one another to make jokes flow without every character acting the same way. The only downside is I felt like towards the end it started to go into the reign of stereotypical comedy films.

Overall though it is a fresh concept and a very adult comedy that will have you laughing for the majority of the movie. It is worth the view.


Score :


One thought on “Wanderlust (2012) Movie Review”

  1. I agree with you, this was a pretty good movie. My girlfriend and I rented it recently and we were chuckling most of the movie. It helped to have a few good actors, like Rudd and Anniston, but the comedy was a little bit different than everything about the same things. We originally heard about the movie from a coworker at Dish and decided to add it to our Blockbuster @ Home queue. We got it within a couple days and sat down to watch it the same night. We were pretty pleased but it was nice to be able to take it back into the Blockbuster store for a different movie instead. Overall I would recommend it for a nice lighthearted comedy, but I wouldn’t go out and buy the movie to watch it again.

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