Interview With Sergio Amalfitano Of ACxDC.



So I recently conducted a interview with Sergio Amalfitano of the band ACxDC. Again I would like to thank him for taking the time to do the interview.


First off where did you guys get the name ACxDC (Anti Christ Demon Core). That must have a back story as I don’t think it could really be just a random name.

We all really liked DS-13 (Demon System 13) and wanted to incorporate Demon into the name. That and I was watching a Dashboard Confessional video that straight up had the D/C in the original AC/DC font. So I thought…powerviolence bands ALWAYS use celebrities as names. Why can we just us an existing band as a name haha.

From the start did you guys plan on making the band have the power violence / grindcore sound to it. The songs are short but aggressive and in your face but after they are over it really leaves quite the impression.

Yea pretty much. I think that The Second Coming has more of our “sound” than He Had It Coming. HHIC was our first attempt at recording and being a band and its awesome to us but 7 years down the road we like it a bit more aggressive. When we started it was a compromise between half the band being into more metal and the other half being more hardcore. That compromise happened to be powerviolence and grind haha.

The Jack Trippin’ EP seems to be quite popular and for it only lasting around 10 minutes are you surprised at the popular response it got. The EP really is brutal for it’s length and warrents many listens.

Yea its pretty insane. I mean we put that out when we were so young. We never though anyone outside of our area would like it. We never thought that people would consider it a seminal powerviolence record or anything like that. It just came out at a time that no one else was playing what we were so I guess people were floored by it at the time. We never thought that wed be doing this band for a decade (albeit more off than on).

What influences do you guys have that help the band make their sound?

Everything. I mean we ALL listen and play different styles. We ALL have our issues that make us come back to that angry music as a cathartic medium. We all grew up with it and our friends did too so our history definitely makes us love it and keeps us exploring it.

When writing your songs do you try to make them over the top or is just really just all fun and games when going at it?

I mean when we do it we’ve all been friends for a decade plus. So its difficult to get serious sometimes but its all very natural. We just play what we want at practice and one of us will say “keep doing that” and another one will say “try this instead” or whatever. Unless we have an “oh shit that was brutal” reaction we don’t keep the song.

Do you guys currently have any plans on touring or maybe releasing a new EP or album this year?

3 way split with sex prisoner and magnum force on a one sided 10″! Definitely looking into touring options. We want to do the south, east coast, west coast, mexico, australia, europe, etc. Touring has ALWAYS been something we wanted to do and now we can finally manage being adults haha.

From touring you guys must have some crazy stories, are you willing to share some?

The one I can remember right now is playing Ohio. This dude was definitely drunk/ on drugs and when we started he just started beating himself on the floor. He cut open his hand on the floor and bled all over. He smeared it on his face and body. We all got covered in specs of blood and shit. On top of that someone set off fireworks and it was all smokey. They were tearing a sofa apart and throwing everything all over the place. It was pretty fucking amazing haha.

Lastly, is there anything I didn’t ask that you’d like to say or is there really anything you’d like to say.

No not really haha. Many hails. Love all you motherfuckers.



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