Act Of Valor (2012) Movie Review

Act Of Valor (2012) Movie Review
Act Of Valor (2012) Movie Review


Act Of Valor (2012) Movie Review

Released : Feb.17th, 2012

Reviewed : June 27th, 2012

Genre : Action

Story (from IMDB) :

An elite team of Navy SEALs embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent.




Review :


Oh another disappointment this was. I originally thought it would be a good realistic war movie since it has active SEAL members playing the lead roles. Sadly it just ends up being another action movie with bad acting.


To start off the story itself is pretty paper thin and generic. They embark on a recover mission for a captured agent and along the way get into a big terrorist plot. It is nothing that hasn’t been done before. It has some plot holes in it and there are some moments in the film that I just find extremely odd. As I posted before the review this may contain spoilers. During one scene the captain is interrogating one of the lead terrorists. What I find funny though is that this game is one of the big shots overall and he gives me like nothing. Within a few minutes he gives up. I mean its like he cant be interrogated.  Another scene has a SEAL being hit in the chest with a RPG and he just gets right back up like nothing happened. I mean now if this were a normal action movie stuff like this would not bother me at all but maybe the fact that this is suppose to be a realistic war movie with real SEALS in it made me notice this more.


Also the movie has the camera angle that during action scenes it will go into a first person view point sometimes. I found this not only incredibly annoying but I felt like it took away from the action scenes and the realism. The beginning of the film made me think that the film would represent the SEAL’s truly. They are signaling for sniping and catching the bodies and using procedures. Towards the end of the film though it falls into a almost run and gun action movie. There are car chases, explosions, and they seem to be just taking little precaution.


Now in between action scenes they attempt to make some heartfelt scenes into the mix. They don’t completely make a effect since the acting is sub par.


Overall though what starts off good turns into average pretty quickly. It’s worth the watch for a decent action film but don’t go into it thinking that it will be anymore than that.


Score :



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